In the world of sports, teams and programs are looking to do all they can to gain a competitive edge. For A-D-M athletics, they gained a competitive edge earlier this week after Jesse Hunt agreed to become the next head coach of Tiger boys track and field.

The Tigers managed to replace a solid coaching talent in Mike Whisner with another extremely talented coach in Hunt who has spent the previous ten seasons as the head girls track and field coach at Waukee high school. A-D-M will be receiving a coach who just came off of one of the most successful seasons any Iowa High School girls track and field team has had in recent memory.

Coach Hunt spurred on a Warrior girls squad to their third consecutive state title and somehow managed to take the third go round to a new level by breaking a state meet record for team points scored. That was part of a more than successful 2018 campaign that ended with coach Hunt being labeled the Des Moines Register’s All-Sports Coach of the Year.

Hunt certainly brought a lot of success to the Warrior girls track and field team and mentioned that it was a very fun time for him and something he’ll always remember.

“I had a wonderful time coaching at Waukee High School,” began Hunt. ” There’s a lot of great athletes, trainers, and coaches there who’ve made my time so enjoyable.”

Coach Hunt will be bringing with him his skills as a coach that helped revitalize a Waukee girls track program to the tune of eight CIML championships and six state titles including three straight from 2016 through 2018.

Having said that, while Hunt’s past success is very noteworthy, the current Adel resident himself is equally if not more excited to enter into his newest role as the A-D-M boys head track and field coach.

“I really like to focus on what the next task is at hand and that for me right now is being the best coach I can be for A-D-M,” stated Hunt. “I’m excited to join a very well rounded school district and a well known athletic department here at A-D-M high school. I’m also quite excited for the challenges that may come.”

As the entire A-D-M community is already aware of, the allure of the fantastic culture that surrounds the district is quite strong, strong enough to bring Hunt a little closer to home.

“The A-D-M community is one me and my family call home,” started Hunt. “When you live in a community, shop in the community, and even go to church in the community, you want to be as much a part of the community as possible. With this position I have the chance to positively impact the community in which I and my family call home.”

Hunt has always been a coach heavily supportive of core values in his teachings and has utilized core values in full force while at Waukee. Hunt plans on bringing his core values to the A-D-M ranks which just so happens to line up in quite a similar fashion with A-D-M.

“It really helps when the district and people who you’ll be working with share a lot of your values,” began Hunt. “That was another big reason for the move here. Talking with all of the staff and coaches, it’s an atmosphere that is full of great values that I hold dear.”

Those values that coach Hunt has sustained his entire coaching career was a big part of what initially impressed A-D-M activities director Reece Satre.

“Not only does Jesse have an impressive resume of success as a track coach, but his attention to detail during the season and his vision to develop a year-round plan that meshed with our departmental goals was apparent during our interview with him,” began Satre. “He has a vision for growth of our track and field program here at A-D-M.”

Of the many values that Hunt strives for out of this athletes, perhaps one of the highest on that list doesn’t have any physical components at all.

“I’m a big supporter of track and field intelligence,” said Hunt. “The mental side of any sport is just as impactful as the physical side. The more an athlete is aware of things like proper eating, proper ways to warm up before an event, and the more an athlete can drown out everything else and focus on the event at hand, the better they will be.”

For anyone who knows Hunt well, they know that Jesse is a fan of the overall athlete and that has been very evident with not only the physical successes, the the mental successes of his athletes through the years. Hunt has always been a proponent of being the best athlete possible, regardless of sport.

“Coach Hunt is a great addition to our coaching staff at A-D-M and he believes in developing multi-sport athletes as a key to building a strong overall athletic program,” said Satre.

“I believe participating in multiple events while in track is great, but if an athlete can participate in multiple sports that’s just as great if not better,” said Hunt earlier in the season. “That’s what I challenge all my athletes to do, to become an overall sound athlete because it will come in handy regardless of the sport.”

In addition to becoming the next A-D-M head boys track and field coach, Hunt will also be a middle school football coach with the Tigers which will begin this fall.

“I’m exited for the opportunity at coaching middle school football as well,” began Hunt. “Most sports, especially football, includes a lot of running and other elements similar to track and field. I’m also excited to just dive into the world of football with great coaches. I’ve already met with the varsity head football coach and I was really impressed. I’m very excited to be a part of A-D-M athletics this fall.”

While the excitement of the track and field season is still a ways off, the success of Jesse Hunt and his addition to A-D-M athletics is enough excitement to hold fans over until the track scene begins anew in 2019.