The Central Lee High School volleyball team has plenty of offense, an abundance of hitters, a plethora of options when it comes to scoring points.

Notre Dame, it seems can't find any.

That was apparent in Tuesday's SEI Superconference South Division match at Father Minett Gymnasium. The Lady Hawks got five or more kills from five different hitters, while the Nikes had just 10 kills in the match.

It all added up to a 25-10, 25-18, 25-15 sweep for Central Lee, putting the Lady Hawks right back in the conference title race after a tough four-game loss to New London last week.

And it left Notre Dame coach Nita Carlson heading back to the drawing board to try to find a way to generate some offense.

"This was huge for us because one of our goals for the season is to be conference champions. Losing to New London was tough, but we knew they were going to be tough. We knew we had to come back and really show that we are in it to win it. We're ready to make a run at conference champs," said Central Lee senior outside hitter McKenna Hall, who had five kills and six ace serves. "We've been working really hard on our passing, and setting and hitting ... all parts of it. It all came together really well tonight. Abby Wellman had an awesome night tonight and so did our middles. It was good."

"That was a disappointing loss. However, we played some good volleyball in that loss against (New London). Our girls actually were pumped-up from that. Did we play to the best of our potential today? No. But we did continue to work together as a team. Our outsides were very strong today," Central Lee coach Amy Cook said. "We have a very talented young group of girls. We've got a great libero (Sophie Woodley) who is very good at talking. And of course our setter (Zoe Eschman) is good about getting all over the court and getting those sets up to them."

"It's not just one thing. Tonight it happened to be everything. We didn't receive the ball too bad at Cardinal, but we were on defense the whole time and couldn't get any offense going. We just haven't figured out how to put it all together," Carlson said. "I've got some girls who can hit, but Hope is having trouble getting the ball to them on the net because our passes aren't getting to Hope on the net. We just have to put it all together. I've only got two girls who can serve a good down ball. I have five or six of them who can do it in practice, and then they get in a game and they freak out. We don't serve aggressively which means we are on defense right away and that makes a big difference."

Central Lee (4-2 overall, 1-1 South Division) wasted no time in generating offense in the opening game. A five point run off Hall's serve pushed the Lady Hawks' two-point lead to a seven-point bulge. Moments later, Central Lee scored six straight points off Eschman's serve. A pair of aces by Abby Wellman put the first game away.

Central Lee finished the night with 17 aces, and its aggressiveness at the service line kept the Nikes on the defensive all night.

"We've got a variety of different serves. We've got some float servers and some jump servers. Sophie Woodley is great at short serving. Just mixing it up, keeping them off balance," Hall said.

"We have been really focusing on spot serving. We do have some hard servers and we've been working on our float serve with a couple girls. They did well with our spot serving, too," Cook said.

"It's funny because we've worked on reception because that's where we've been getting beat. Reception with a down-ball spin. We can't get our platform flat and get that ball up. We worked on that. We just couldn't handle it," Carlson said. "They are aggressive servers. I tried to spin it around and put somebody else in the middle. They picked out the people that were struggling. They are just smart servers. That starts everything. If you can't get a serve up, you can't get anything else going on."

Notre Dame (6-12, 0-2) opened a 9-5 lead in the second game before the Lady Hawks came roaring back behind aggressive serving and a solid block at the net.

"We had some awesome blocks. Our middle were there when they need to be and our pins were being set right. Everything was good. We're not going to get every one, but we had a lot of bump blocks tonight," Hall said.

Central Lee, leading 9-7 in the third game, reeled off nine straight points behind Hall's serve to once again create separation. Hall polished off the match with a pair of kills.

"The thing we did well today was communicating. Sometimes we struggle with that. McKenna and Sophie are our two leaders on the court. When they talk, our team does well. They did a good job with that today," Cook said. "We are focused on the conference title, but we take it one game at a time."

While the Lady Hawks have their sights set high, the Nikes are going back to the drawing board with a tough stretch of matches on the horizon.

"It's back to square one. We are going to try something else because this is not working," Carlson said. "There's not a single team we can look past. Not a single one. They all have offense and I can't find it. We've got to figure out some way to generate some offense. It's not going to get any easier. We've got Danville Thursday and then we've got Holy Trinity and New London next week. It's not going to get any easier."

Central Lee

Kills — Abby Wellman 11, Mya Merschman 7, Kenendy Mercer 7, Andrea Benner 6, McKenna Hall 5

Assists — Zoe Eschman 28

Serving — Hall 18-18 (6 aces), Merschman 7-7, Wellman 10-11 (5 aces), Eschman 9-10 (3 aces), Benner 7-8, Sophie Woodley 17-19 (3 aces)

Blocks — Woodley 14, Wellman 9, Hall 9, Eschman 7, Benner 3, Chloe Weber 3, Merschman 2, Mercer 1, Fernanda Guevara 1

Digs — Merschman 2, Mercer 1, Eschman 1

Notre Dame

Kills — Rylie Todd 4, Taylor Marino 2, Kathryn Stephens 2, Hope Ward 2

Assists — Ward 5

Serving — Madison Stutsman 6-6, Marino 4-4, Sarah Meeker 8-9 (2 aces), Ward 6-7, Bethany Shane 4-5 (1 ace), Todd 7-9 (1 ace)

Blocks — Stephens 5, Todd 4

Digs — Stutsman 8, Todd 5, Ward 5, Meeker 5, Shane 4

Records — Central Lee 5-2 overall (1-1 SEI Superconference South Division), Notre Dame 6-12 (0-2).