Make it eleven in a row and by far the best start for Dallas Center-Grimes volleyball after the Fillies claimed a 3-0 win Tuesday night.

The Class 4A fourth ranked Fillies not only claimed their 11th overall win, but also their second straight conference win as they defeated 14th ranked Oskaloosa at Meadows Gym.

Set one was a tough battle right out of the gate but after a back and forth style set, the Fillies pulled out late to claim the opening set 25-21. From there the Fillies never really felt threatened by the Lady Indians as set two fell in favor of DC-G 25-14 with a similar outcome in the final set ending in a 25-18 final.

The Fillies have been stingy on both sides of the net and last night proved to be just as strong defensively as offensively. DC-G limited Oskaloosa to just 24 kills all game long and held a Lady Indians squad averaging five aces per game to just two on the night.

The win marks the tenth time already this season that the Fillies have swept their opponent and the second straight 3-0 game sweep of the season. It’s a historically good start that DC-G head coach Cheryl Voelker says boils down to fundamentals.

“This team does a lot of things well but what they do best is work on their fundamentals,” said Voelker. “They are getting to the ball clean and setting up their attacks cleanly which leads to a more fluent team.”

The 11-0 start marks just the sixth time in the past five seasons that a team has made such a start. All but one of those teams ended up earning a state tournament berth. It’s uncharted waters for the Fillies but despite what could lie ahead, DC-G volleyball is not letting anything get to their heads.

“When you look at the most successful teams of the past, they never sat there at the beginning of the season knowing for sure they’d make it to state,” said Voelker. “Every state tournament team has had to earn their way by focusing on every single match, one at a time. This team is doing a great job of focusing on the task at hand and not letting what could happen trip them up.”

The Fillies are looking to return to the promise land that is the state volleyball tournament for the third time in school history, and to do that, coach Voelker is seeking patience and calm out of her team.

“It’s really good to start off a season this way,” said Voelker earlier in the season. “We just have to make sure we don’t let things to too fast for us. Right now we are controlling the ball well and staying within out strengths which takes a lot of concentration. If we are off in our concentration, things can go the other way just as quickly.”

The run of perfection will continue on for Dallas Center-Grimes volleyball on Tuesday, September 11 when the Fillies travel to Grinnell for their third straight conference match up against the Tigers. The match-up will begin at 5:30 p.m.