The season may be over but one Van Meter hoops star is receiving a chance at more time on the court.

Come Saturday, March 23, Bulldog senior Ryan Schmitt will be participating in the IBCA Senior All-Star Games held at Dallas Center-Grimes High School. Schmitt will be a member of the South West boys squad with Exira-Elk-Horn-Kimbalton coach Doug Newton and an extremely familiar face in Van Meter head coach Jed Alexander.

In such an elite group that honors a mere 44 total players with the shot a few more contests before their high school tenures come to a close. Schmitt made a well earned trip to the All-Star series with numbers to back him up. Out of the top twenty senior scorers in Class 2A, Schmitt ranked tenth in terms of total field goals made on the season (152). Schmitt shot 56.1 percent from the floor while converting 71 percent of his free throws all season long. Schmitt was one of the top seventy players overall and top 41 seniors within Class 2A in terms of points per game average at 14.6 points per contest.

In terms of battling off the boards, few were better than Schmitt within the Class 2A ranks as Schmitt’s 252 total rebounds ranked fifth across the entire Class 2A landscape. Only 12 players across the entire state and all Class levels drew more rebounds than Schmitt. The senior ranked 21st in the state in offensive rebounds and 23 in the state in defensive rebounds.