After every high school basketball season within the state of Iowa, a plethora of awards and accolades follow. For most, the conversation would stop there but for a select group, the game continues on just a little longer.

For well over ten plus years, select senior hoops stars on both the girls and boys sides have been granted one final shot at playing the sport they love in a high school setting. That would be none other than the Iowa Basketball Coaches Association All-Star Game. A chance for high school seniors to get one last shot to wow the crowd in front of hundreds of fans.

It has grown to be quite the notable event over the past few years and one that fans, players, and coaches alike have flocked to for pure basketball excitement. Part of that excitement over recent seasons has come from the venue at which the All-Star game series has been housed in, which is none other than Dallas Center-Grimes High School.

DC-G will again be the host of the 2019 All-Star event on Saturday, March 23.

Going on its ninth season at the home of the Mustangs, the IBCA All-Star games have been successfully running without a hitch. It’s been a part of a proud basketball tradition at DC-G and one that activities director Steve Watson says expressed the communities support for high school basketball.

“This is always such an amazing event to be a part of and it really goes to show how strong this communities’ ties are to the sport of basketball,” started Watson. “For those in charge to pick our school and our facility means a lot and really showcases not only our success within the sport but our love for the game here at Dallas Center-Grimes.”

The collaboration to become the host venue for the IBCA All-Star games began nine years ago when changes were being made and venues were being discussed.

“Right around nine years ago, the committee decided to move the games from a summer event to a spring event so that it might work out better for both the athletes and the coaches,” began Watson. “They wanted a more centralized location within Iowa and back then we had a few coaches on the committee who really went to bat for DC-G High School as the next venue to host the games. From there all parties involved agreed and the event was moved here where it’s been running ever since.”

With an event such as the All-Star games, various items had to be addressed which Watson talked about when discussing why DC-G was a perfect fit.

“The first thing the committee wanted to make sure of is that we had enough gyms and gym space to house such an event,” began Watson. “The event site needs to have a proper infrastructure in place to accommodate the number of people that show up and between the amount of space and room, DC-G High School made the most sense. We also have a great support staff all around to help out from athletic trainers and more. The city of Grimes is also a great place for meals and lodging if those who have come from a ways out need. The biggest thing was do we have enough space and adequate help to sustain such and event to not just run, but run well and we do.”

The event has certainly run exceptionally well and will continue to do so for the 2019 edition. This year the event will begin with girls coaches and players check in at 9 a.m. on Saturday, March 23. The first set of girls’ games will start off the action beginning at 10:15 in both the High School and Meadows Gyms. Then both boys’ games will follow at 11:30 a.m. Girls consolation games will begin at 1:45 p.m. followed by the boys at 3. The finale for the day will be the girls championship game at 4:15 and the boys at 5:30 p.m. During the days’ events, the IBCA will announce the players of the year and Mr./Miss Basketball.