Usually during this time of year, high school soccer is a thing of the past, in our rearview mirrors with the conclusion of the season having come and gone. For most Iowa high school soccer athletes that is exactly the case, but for one Dallas Center-Grimes soccer star, there was one last high school endevor on his horizon.

That person would be none other than future Wartburg soccer star Brennon Woody. The now former Dallas Center-Grimes soccer defender was granted the opportunity to play in the Iowa High School All-Star game Saturday, June 29 in Des Moines. Woody joined a cast of 29 other elite high school soccer stars from across the state to partake in one last hurah of high school soccer and was part of the All-Star West team. Held on the grounds of Drake Stadium, Brennon would join up and take on his last high school event, something that held a lot of meaning to the goalkeeping star.

“To be asked to be a part of this is amazing because it gives me one last chance to play high school soccer where I’ve accumulated a lot of success over the years,” began Woody. High school soccer has meant a lot to me over the years and to be able to play it one last time among the best in the state means a lot to me. I won’t forget this for sure.”

In life, timing is everything and the timing for Woody’s acceptance to the All-Star game wasn’t just near perfect, it was also slightly hectic. Mid way through a vacation to Sweeden, Woody recieved the notice that he’d been selected and it was all about perfect timing from there.

“At first I didn’t know if I could make it because they needed an answer so quickly and I was so far away, but we made a plan and we’ve stuck to it,” said Woody. “We knew we’d have to get back home pretty fast and I knew I would propably have to operate on little rest in order to make it on time but I love this sport so much it was a no brainer for me.”

Woody’s love for the game helped him soar past any tired tendencies and dive right into an extremly high intensity contest, something he not only was happy to do, but something he was prepared for.

“It’s been a whirlwind for sure, lots of flying and moving around with little sleep but I won’t be going into it rusty by any means,” said Woody before the game. “I was actually getting some practice in while in Sweeden so that helps battle the lack of sleep.”

Woody showcased just how important he had been to the success of the Dallas Center-Grimes boys soccer team over the past few years. His uncanny ability to read, understand, and react so quickly helped him earn a pair of All-Little Hawkeye Conference selections and more recently a second team All-State honor. In front of a solid crowd at Drake Stadium, the soon to be Wartburg star showed off why his skills earned him 193 total saves during his career and accumulating a five saves per game average. On top of that, Woody allowed just 31 goals his entire tenure at Dallas Center-Grimes High School.

With his help, the All-Star West group took the victory by a margin of 2-1. With the conclusion of the contest, it marked the unfortunate and official ending to what has been an outstanding high school career for Brennon and one that will truly be missed as DC-G head coach Collin Lane explained.

“There aren’t many kids out there who can do what Brennon has and will be able to do in front of a goal,” said Lane. “His vision for the game is second to none and he is extremely talented at his craft. His loss will be extremely hard to fill but his legacy will sure last for quite some time.”

Next up for Brennon will be taking on the preseason rigors of collegiate soccer. Beginning in early August, Woody will have to continue on and start to wrap up an intensive training regiment and then right into preseason play.

“I look forward to what’s next at Wartburg,” said Woody. “The All-Star game is a great tune-up but after that it’s all about trying to make the first team and proving myself all over again. It’ll be a challenge but I’m all about taking on and winning challenges.”