It may be hard to think about it now with baseball in full swing, but the gridiron is calling as football season nears closer and closer by the day.

With just over three weeks remaining until the high school football season begins with official practices, now is the time to start getting prepared. Speaking of being prepared, one thing that has been a staple and a hallmark across all athletics at ADM high school has and will be preparedness. Preparedness at ADM High School comes in many shapes and sizes but no matter what one thing that never changes is the fact that it all starts with the youth. That is one of the many aspects that will be preached by head football coach Garrison Carter and will be heard at the ADM football Futures Camp coming up July 31 and running through August 1.

For those entering grades three-through-eight come the 2019 fall calender, the Future Tiger Football Camp aims at producing the next crop of gridiron talent through the utilization of proper fundamentals.

“The major focus of this camp and every practice at ADM across all levels is fundamentals,” began varsity head football coach Garrison Carter. “We believe strongly in being really good at the little things as they will be building blocks to help grow within the sport of football. We feel that when we are really good at the little things, the “big things” will take care of themselves.”

Fundamentals has always been a priority for coach Carter as is evident by his many works and inclusion in a new developmental football league that will soon be in it’s third year of existence. Wherever he has been whether at Washington, Grinnell, or here at ADM High School, Carter has taken an aggressive approach to building the fundamentals in youth but also creating a fun atmosphere.

“The Future’s camp is put together with the same approach as our Youth Football League,” started Carter. “We wanted to create a camp that is both fun and instructional for our future Tigers. It is also a great way for all of our varsity staff to get to know our youth football players which is big in my eyes. Creating chemistry between players and coaches is also something I stress.”

Within the Futures Camp itself, each participant will learn the basic fundamentals for each position in the game of football. Each varsity coach on the ADM staff will run separate stations and ever participant will spend two days being trained by every one of the coaches. From blocking to tackling and more, the fundamentals of the gridiron sport will never be forgotten after going through this camp.

This camp, created in large part by Carter himself, is an extension of the overall youth movement that the second year Tiger football coach continues to push.

“We are trying to create a unified K-12 football program here at ADM,” said Carter. “I strongly believe that as head football coach here at ADM it is my job to oversee all football happenings in the community. I think we are doing our kids a tremendous disservice if the first time we meet them and work with them is when they enter ninth grade.”

Now while fundamentals as a whole is a big objective, there’s another target that coach Carter is aiming for. In a world where sports can sometimes gain a negative outlook, coach Carter is here to change the narrative and put the love back into the sport of football.

“The biggest thing I want for our young players is just to love the game of football,” began Carter. “At the youth level our priority is retention of players and it’s our hope that we have the same amount of kids out as seniors as were out as third graders. For that to happen they have to first fall in love with the game of football.”

Carter went on to talk about one of the biggest obstacles facing youth and the involvement in sports.

“So much of our lives are formed by first impressions,” continued Carter. “From the foods we eat to the people we hang our with are usually dictated by our first experience with them. The same goes for sports and in this case football. Youth football is the first impression of the game for these kids. It is imperative that we provide them with an experience they simply can’t live without. It will help build up their confidence and make things a little easier not just in football, but in overall life as well.”

The cost for the Futures Camp will be $30 per individual. The cost includes t-shirts, individual instruction, team competitions, speed/flexibility training and more. With the main focus set on the youth themselves, if camp cost is a reason one cannot attend contact coach Carter directly. The time frames for the camp days go from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday, July 31 and Thursday, August 1 on the high school game field. Players will furnish shorts, t-shirts, socks, and cleats.