Wrestling is still a boys club. A few girls wrestling clubs have popped up around the area over the last few years but Beaver Creek Wrestling Club is looking to help accelerate that by putting together a girls wrestling camp to get more girls involved in the sport.

As of last year, Beaver Creek had just seven girls involved with the program among a group of 130 wrestlers in total. That ratio may start leaning more toward the girls side with Beaver Creek coach Rick Sloss bringing a girl exclusive camp to the area before school starts back up.

“They want to wrestle,” Sloss said. “They just don’t want to wrestle the boys. So I figured if I started a girls camp and then gave them their own practice where they just practice with girls, it would open more opportunities.”

As one of the first camps of its kind in Dallas County, the event opens up on Friday, Aug. 18 and is currently set at Woodward-Granger Middle School from 6:30-8:30 p.m. The one-day camp will be the first of a three-part series that will continue in late September and October before registration for wrestling season begins.

Sloss said he invites and recruits new wrestlers regularly and to help drive interest, the camp registration will be free of charge. Additionally, the only equipment needed are socks, shorts, and a t-shirt.

As an introductory course focused on the basics moving from stance to takedown progression, the camp will also function as a means to reshape the idea of what wrestling is in the first place since many girls have never stepped on a mat before. For many students, the only exposure to the sport may be through viral WWE or MMA clips.

“The kids are always nervous about it. They think it’s more like the MMA fighting stuff,” Sloss said. “What I say is, ‘Come and try it and you’ll see what it’s like.’”

He added that it’s one of the few sports where athletes don’t have to worry about depth charts or playing time. How much mat time a wrestler has largely depends on how many tournaments are attended but the sport still gives the benefit of team experience through practice and camps like the upcoming date this month.

Open to all skill levels and ages, email BeaverCreakWC@gmail.com for registration or additional questions. Beaver Creek Wrestling can also be found on its Facebook page.