From one invitational to another for the Dallas Center-Grimes volleyball team as they traveled to Grinnell High School to wrap up the month of August with a four match tournament.

Throughout the course of the day the Fillies finished with four wins and one lone loss that they suffered in the championship match. It marked nine matches across a five day span which may seem like a lot but there is far more good than harm as noted by Fillie head coach Cheryl Voelker.

“It’s really good for the girls to have such exposure like this so early in the season,” began Voelker. “Not only are we able to iron out some kinks, but we’re also able to face a lot of top notch talent right away which sets us up well for the middle and end of our season. The girls, no matter what their seniority, really get to refine their skills and work out any problems through these tournaments.”

The first match of the day for the Fillies was up against Carlisle where the won in two straight sets 21-16 and 21-19. It marked the seventh win over the Lady Wildcats over the span of the last seven seasons. Two near double digit leads started off both sets for DC-G against Iowa Valley en rout to a 21-7 set one victory and a 21-9 set two victory. Early leads were held and maintained across the Mount Pleasant (21-12 & 21-15) and throughout the first set of the Norwalk match-up (21-12) but then the Fillies were given arguably one of their biggest tests of the day as set two against Norwalk had to go into extra points with the Fillies coming out on top 22-20.

That put the Fillies squarely in the championship match against West Liberty. That match-up was by far the toughest test of the season so far for the Fillies which was apparent from the very first set. The Fillies had to rally late to take the first set 22-20 but couldn’t repeat that performance throughout the rest of the match falling 21-19 and 17-15 for their first loss of the season. When the dust settled, the Fillies came out of the day with an 8-1 record which may not have matched the 17 game winning streak to start last season, but it’s still a very strong start.

“Losses will happen and while they aren’t what you aim for, they do have value to them,” said Voelker. “They help you find what you really need to work on and for us right now it’s just consistency and keeping up a fast-paced atmosphere.”

The Class 4A fourth ranked Fillies will now take their 8-1 record back home as they get ready to battle their first conference foe of the season in Newton. The varsity match-up will take place at Meadows Gym and will start at 5 p.m.