When the 2019-20 fall sports season officially gets underway within the confines of Dallas Center-Grimes High School, there will be a few new faces at the athletic helm.

Where longtime activities director Tony Watson and assistant activities director Brock Yossi once stood lies the new faces of Brent Buttjer as the new AD and Madison Waymire as the new assistant AD.

Effective July 1st of 2019, Brent Buttjer was officially brought in to continue the athletic charge for Dallas Center-Grimes High School. Buttjer graces the grounds of DC-G High School with nearly an entire life’s work of expertise to continue the great athletic traditions of the Mustangs and Fillies. Hailing from the small northeast community of Crestwood Iowa, Buttjer was indoctrinated into the world of pretty much every activity from five different sports to fine arts activities like band, show choir and more. It was from that where the desire to one day become an activities director stemmed from.

“I feel like going through all of those activities helped prepare me for the demands of an activities director down the road,” said Buttjer. “I have been through the rigors of both the athletic and fine arts and know what both need.”

Following his high school tenure, Buttjer took his talents to the University of Northern Iowa before finding himself working for North Scott High School. Along with teaching K-12 physical education, Buttjer was the head baseball coach while also coaching football and being involved with the athletic training department. The first taste at the life of an activities director for Buttjer came in 2007 as a part of the Fort Madison school district. He held that position for six years before an opportunity for the same position here in central Iowa arose.

That position came with Ankeny High School during the time of the transition between one and two high schools in the city. That is the position he held all the way until July 1st of this year where he found himself at DC-G High School, back to an atmosphere he felt he most belonged at.

“When the position opened up here at DC-G I knew I had to go for it and get back to community,” said Buttjer. “It’s that type of atmosphere that I wanted to get back to.”

For 21 of his 27 years in the business, Buttjer spent at either a small 4A or large 3A type of a school and indeed DC-G gives Buttjer the chance at that type of an atmosphere once more. Buttjer replaces the now-former activities director in Steve Watson whom Buttjer has been in contact with through the transition and as Brent talked about, will still be a big part of DC-G athletics going forward.

“With a guy like Steve who’s been so successful at this position for so long, you don’t just kick a guy like that out the door,” began Buttjer. “You keep him around for as much as he wants to be involved. I look forward to putting my own stamp on DC-G athletics but I also look forward to continuing the wonderful tradition of excellence set forth by Steve over the years.”

With all of that in place now Buttjer is looking forward to establishing himself and helping the Fillies and Mustangs move forward as he helps to answer three big questions he mentioned as key to the success of any athletic program.

“As activities directors, there are three big questions that we strive to answer yes to all the time which is: (1) Can we trust you? (2) Are you committed to excellence, (3) are you committed to me as a person, not just an athlete? I think if you aren’t feverishly trying to address those questions then you aren’t in the right position.”

Now as he steps onto the hallowed grounds of DC-G Hig School Buttjer is experiencing what many, including his assistant AD Madison Waymire, has come to know and love beginning with the coaches themselves.

“This is a very special and unique place and it starts with the great coaches we have here,” said Buttjer. “This is the first time in my 13 years at an administrative level where I haven’t had to come in and fill a major coaching need. That is extremely nice to walk into. Every coach here has such high character and I look forward to learning from them just as much as they might learn from me.”

As Buttjer enters the role as the new activities director at Dallas Center-Grimes, he knew from the get-go that having familiarity with not only the position but the area would be key in helping him. That’s where Madison Waymire comes in. A former DC-G student-athlete herself and a 2014 graduate, Waymire right away popped off the page as someone Buttjer knew he couldn’t be without.

“I knew that having someone who was familiar with the area and the school was something I needed, not just wanted,” said Buttjer. “Madison knows the commitment to excellence here at DC-G and was a part of that culture at one time. She knows the community well and although she hasn’t held a position like this before I knew she’d be the right person to fill the void left by Yossi.”

Following her high school tenure at DC-G, a multi-sport athlete herself, Waymire ran cross country and track for the University of Missouri for a year before transferring to the University of Iowa for three years.

It’s safe to say now equipped with both Buttjer and Waymire, DC-G athletics are in good hands with two individuals dedicated to keeping the tradition, and moving the Fillies and Mustangs forward into the future.