The refs threw a bit of their laundry on the field, but it was of little concern to the Mustangs. Blake Willey just had a pick six during homecoming against Perry. His excitement for scoring ended in a spiked ball called for unsportsmanlike conduct. Dallas Center-Grimes was still up 21-0 after the fact.

“Gosh, it's so exciting to see the way they celebrate in the end zone,” DC-G head coach Scott Heitland said. “Some of those guys haven't scored touchdowns since maybe in middle school, so it's exciting to see them do that. They had fun tonight.”

Not only did they have fun, they won big too, only adding to the fun Friday, Sept. 27 in Grimes. It was 41-0 at halftime thanks to scores from all over the field, a score held to the end with a running clock after jumping to such a big lead in the first half to improve to 3-1 on the season.

“The first half is probably just the way we wanted it to go. We came out early. We hit some big plays early, we controlled the ball early, we scored on our offensive possessions and really got things rolling. Defense fed off the offense. Offense fed off the defense,” Heitland said. “That combination was going, something I was excited to see because we got some really important games we start next week. And I think this is going to really feed us as we move forward to that.”

DC-G's offense started it all with a big 22 yard connection from Ty Walker to Chantz Finley on a trick play Heitland said he was happy to see pulled off after a minute with the ball. Walker dialed up Owen Curtis, who dove in for another athletic TD to go up 14-0. It was the last touchdown from Walker on the night, but all told, after missing last week, he was as efficient as ever with half his completions going for scores. Walker was 4-of-6 for 70 yards and added 26 yards on five carries.

“Ty's really smart with the ball. I got to give a ton of credit to our offensive line to give him time to throw. You give him time, he's going to find the open guy and make people pay,” Heitland said. “So I think we got to use our pass game to set up the run a little bit and I'm sure some teams are going to challenge us down the road with that.”

That run game was driven through junior running back Luke Busby, who punched in two scores in the second quarter. He finished the day with 85 yards on 13 carries, adding 14 yards on one catch. The junior's rushing production gave him four TDs on the season and more than doubled his yardage on the season.

With the offense scoring on four of five possessions in the first half, the defense was responsible for lighting up the rest of the scoreboard.

Willey kicked off the affair intercepting a Jacob Nelson screen pass a minute into the second quarter. With the defensive line applying pressure again on Nelson, junior defensive back Nic Lawton got his hands on another interception taken to the house to take the 34-0 lead.

“Anytime you get something like that to happen, it's a huge confidence builder. Not to mention, it's exciting,” Heitland said. “We've had some times this year where our d-backs had passes that have been dropped. Tonight they didn't.

In total, DC-G forced four turnovers en route to the victory over the winless Bluejays, and only allowed their guests past the 50 yard line after halftime. The Mustangs also outpaced Perry 214-132 in total yardage, the bulk of which came in the first half before putting in the second team units during the second half.

“We just got to keep working on getting a little better every week,” Heitland said looking at the game's effect heading into the competition up ahead.

DC-G hits the road Friday, Oct. 4 at Humboldt.