There are many ways for a team to improve from player development to strategy and more. One way that the Dallas Center-Grimes wrestling program is improving is through additions to the coaching staff.

Shortly after head coach Cory Stratton decided to bring in former Mustang Aaron McMurphy into the coaching fold, another former high school grappler is also joining the team. That someone would be none other than Tanner Weatherman. The former Ballard and Iowa State University prodcut will join coach Stratton in the coaching ranks, something that seemed like destiny in the making.

“A few months back I found out he was living in Grimes so I just reached out to him and asked if he wanted to help coach this year,” said Stratton. “I knew having him on could only benefit the team.”

Weatherman has certainly not been shy when it comes to success on the mat. While inside the high school ranks, Weatherman became a four time state finalist and three time state champion, something few wrestlers have ever been able to accomplish within the state of Iowa. Weatherman then proceeded to move on to the collegiate ranks where he wrestled for Iowa State University for four years. Weatherman made it to the coveted national tournament round of 12 and a four-time national qualifier.

The sheer excitment of adding a talent like Weatherman is extremely present within the DC-G hallways and gives coach Stratton a lot to be excited about.

“We’re excited for him to bring his expertise to the team as well,” said Stratton. “Along with coach McMurphy, it’s nice to have two new guys who bring in different mindsets or views. That really enchances practice and meet performances.”

The first official meet for both coach McMurphy and Weatherman will be Thursday, Dec. 5 when the Mustang wrestlers open up the season at home against Norwalk.