It’s a big goal of any high school athlete and now, one more ADM athletic star is heading off to the collegiate ranks.

As the calendar turned the page on 2019 and set sights on 2020, gridiron star Noah Kahler made his commitment to continue both his athletic and academic journey with Graceland University.

Officially announced through social media, Kahler excitedly notified his commitment, a commitment that seemed like a perfect fit right from the get-go.

“It was weird because I didn’t expect it at first but then Graceland came and was so attentive and just kept asking for me,” said Kahler. “After meeting with some of the guys, it was obvious that this was the place to meet new people, friends, and find good teammates.”

Kahler was a strong presence among the ADM football lineup and it showed across his senior campaign. Kahler was a big piece in a defense for ADM that ranked third in Class 3A’s District-9 with 457 total tackles on the year with a district second-best mark of 56 tackles for loss. As big of a role as Kahler had within that stingy defense, the humble senior gave a lot of credit to the man who steered the ship for ADM football, head coach Garrison Carter.

“One of the first things I looked for was what kind of culture they had,” began Kahler. “Coming from ADM where coach Carter has developed such a great team culture I wanted to find that it was a place that I could have great teammates.”

Of course, individuals like Kahler have contributed to that atmosphere as noted by the coaches themselves like Lyle Alumbaugh.

“Everyone on this defense contributes in some way or another,” said Alumbaugh during the football season. “It’s a team defense and not a bunch of individuals. One of the better defenses I’ve been able to coach in a long time.”

It’s that very atmosphere that coach Carter and his staff and presented that has also given an extra gift to his players, one that Kayler expressed adamantly.

“The way coach Carter coaches and the atmosphere he has established has really helped me prepare for the next step,” said Kahler. “I can’t thank coach Carter and all the coaches enough because I feel like I’m more than ready to handle college football.”

While he still has time left within the confines of ADM High School, the gridiron days as a Tiger have come to a close but not without great memories left behind. Kahler talked about his tenure at ADM and how it has helped him earn his way onto a collegiate football team.

“I am so grateful I’ve been able to play football for coach Carter and all those guys,” said Kahler. “It’s meant a lot to me and is something I’ll never forget. It’s that small town, hard-working mentality that Graceland liked from me and want more of both athletically and academically. I believe playing here at ADM was one of the best things for me.”

Kahler also mentioned how excited he is to continue his senior wrestling season and to see where it takes him.

While there may be a lot of question marks about exactly what the future might hold, one thing is for certain. Fans that have been captivated by Kahler will be able to continue to watch him play, this time as a member of Graceland University football.