While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of negativity to the table, there is still hope on the horizon. Recently, that hope came in the form of updated schedules from both the IHSAA and the IGHSAU for spring sports.

On Monday, April 6, both organizations released updated schedules pending school and school activities are able to return following the current school closure extension set by Governor Kim Reynolds. Should school resume May 1, so too would the spring sports season.

Beginning May 1, all spring sports would begin with first practices. The first competition for the sports of track, golf, and tennis (team and individual) would be set for May 4th while the beginning of the soccer seasons would begin May 8. The post-season lead-up date would start to vary from sport to sport and would also differ from the Iowa High School Athletic Association to the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union.

The following are the list of postseason and state competition dates for each sport.

Track & Field: Boys and Girls

*Postseason Lead-up: May 28

*State Competition: June 4-6

Girls Golf:

*Postseason Lead-Up: May 26th, June 1st

*State Competition: June 8-9

Boys Golf:

*Postseason Lead-Up: May 29th, June 5th

*State Competition: June 11-12

Girls Tennis

*Postseason Lead-Up: May 23, 30, June 1 (Team) / May 27 (Individual)

*State Competition: June 1-2, 13 (Team) / June 10-11 (Individual)

Boys Tennis

*Postseason Lead-Up: May 23, 30 (Team) / May 20 (Individual )

*State Competition: June 9 (Team) / June 5-6 (Individual)

Girls Soccer

*Postseason Lead-Up: June 4, 5, 9, 11

*State Competition: June 16, 18, 20

Boys Soccer

*Postseason Lead-Up: June 8, 10, 12

*State Competition: June 15, 17, 19

These dates are of course dependent on the school season arriving on time and are subject to change.

“We are committed to bringing a sense of familiarity to our young people whose school year has been so disrupted by this adjusted spring season,” mentioned IHSAA executive director Tom Keating in a press release statement. “It is our hope that students return to school on the current target date and have the opportunity to participate in the activities that mean so much to them.”

Both the IHSAA and the IGHSAU will continue to monitor the recent health atmosphere. As of now, the Iowa Department of Health advises avoiding gatherings of 10 people or more.