By now there aren’t too many aspects of life that haven’t been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The sports world has been perhaps one of the most affected and that includes the professional racing world.

The tracks lay empty and the race vehicles remain stationary which puts racers like Grimes native Brett Moffitt out of action at the moment. Looking forward to taking his racing talents even further in his second season with GMS Racing, there was plenty of excitement on the horizon for Moffitt. Following a championship run, Moffitt entered the GMS scene strong.

“GMS is a great organization to work for full of great people,” said Moffitt. “It’s fun going to work with them and building winning trucks and winning teams.”

Then came the COVID-19 pause which put on a damper and things came to a screeching halt. Athletes of all sports are currently trying to find ways to pass the time until they are able to get back to their respective playing surfaces. For all the athletes, it’s a pause that hurts but for Moffitt himself, it’s a pause that holds more. Just two races into the early season, Moffitt fell to an motocross bike accident that left both of his legs fractured as a result. It doesn’t seem like there’s ever a good time for a season to but cut down by a pandemic but it has given time for Moffitt to catch back up with the rest of the racing world.

“I’ve been going to physical therapy three days a week and gaining my strength back, allowing the bones to heal and grow properly,” said Moffitt. “This time off has been good for that and catching up.”

The challenge of how to win the race dominated the conversation up to now, the newest challenge facing athletes is how to spend the seemingly over abundance of time bestowed on them. For most sports, the competition aspect has been cut down to zero but for those in the competitive racing world, programs like i-racing has helped fill that void. Now in week five of his rehabilitation, the familiar focus on iracing has been a great way not just to pass the time, but to continually sharpen his craft.

“I really enjoy iracing,” began Moffitt. “Josh Wise, our trainer at Chevrolet used to be a driver and now he trains and develops drivers. He uses iracing a lot integrated into our workouts normally. With this shutdown, I myself have gotten a simulator and have been spending a lot of time on their with friends and fellow drivers.”

The former Sunoco Rookie of the Year and 2018 champion further went on to talk about his pursuit of perfection through various means. While iracing may be one of the only means of improving skill during this time, Moffitt and those at GMS racing are getting creative with it.

“When we use iracing we’re not just driving on ovals, we’ll do road racing cars on tracks we’ve never raced on before,” Moffitt began. “It really helps us adapt to new things and keeps us improving our skills. It’s a very useful tool if you use it with the right mindset.”

Before the shutdown to the season and his injury, Moffitt fared well with 13th and 16th place finishes and currently sits fourth in the Gander Trucks standings at the pause. The competitive spirit that landed Moffitt in the world of professional racing has also helped him through his two big obstacles currently in healing from injury and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’m a competitive person, I want to win and I want to be the best I can possibly be at all times,” said Moffitt. “The healing process is going very well and honestly I feel I could get into a truck now. I can’t wait to get back out on the track again.”

While the urge to get back onto the track is very present in all drivers, the race back isn’t all that fast as Moffitt pointed out.

“The time off has seemed like forever but with how things go, when we get back we’ll want a weekend off but won’t get it until the off-season,” said Moffitt. “At the same time, myself and the rest of the drivers just want to get back out there.”

Moffitt also noted that while the wait continues, life is a combination of physical therapy, iracing, and house chores across a new house. There are still a lot of question marks hovering around when the sport will pick back up but when it does, expect a local star in Moffitt to attempt to shine under the national spotlights once more.