The new normal around the world has been the pause put on life due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the isolation has left many uneasy, there’s been one individual doing all he can to brighten everyone’s day.

That individual would be none other than ADM Middle School counselor and head high school basketball coach Aaron Mager. From the very first day of the pause in school, Mager has been orchestrating “Counseling COVIDeos”. From various topics to various tunes, the videos have brought positive messages or just good laughs, something that was a no brainer from day one with Mager.

“I knew I wanted to do something to help the students,” began Mager. “The first day that we were supposed to come back I did this and I wanted to help students in a positive manner. All of a sudden I had more unstructured time than I’ve really ever had since I was a student and this has been a good way for me to stay in front of students and help them in any way I can.”

From inspirational messages to music videos and more, Mager has seemingly been able to entertain people of all ages. He’s taken the local social media scene by storm with some videos reaching over 160 likes on Twitter alone. Mager’s social media presence has been fairly broad by not just utilizing twitter but other avenues such as Facebook, TikTok, and more.

“It’s been really fun and it’s been quite the learning process for me,” said Mager. “It’s been a good outlet since I haven’t been able to be with students or athletes. I’ve wanted these videos to be fun and they’ve been enjoyable to do.”

The response from the videos has been quite positive. Mager mentioned the original audience was set for his middle school students but grew to incorporate everybody from teachers to high school students and more. The videos started out with just messages from Mager himself but were quickly accompanied by music videos produced by Mager with a family touch.

“I’ve had a lot of help from my family throughout all of this,” Mager said. “My son has helped with editing and my daughter has helped with dancing. She’s taught me about repetition makes you better. We’ve come up with more and more creative ways such as music Monday’s and we’ve already done the TikTok Tuesdays.”

It has been quite a fun ride for Mager and his family. Among all the enjoyment had by Mager, he also mentioned about his growth from a creative standpoint.

“I’ve tapped into my creative side more with all of this,” began Mager. “I new lyrically I could kind of create some lyrics. Rhyming comes to me fairly easy so this whole thing has been really fun for me.”

Family has always been big for Mager and this extra time to create these videos with his family has been really positive. While the new normal set by COVID-19 hasn’t been very positive overall, it has produced a beneficial outcome as Mager explained.

“To be able to have this unstructured time and family time has been a silver lining throughout all of this,” mentioned Mager. “It’s been bittersweet. Having a senior son has shown that because the seniors lose out on a normal end to their final year. We also get more time to enjoy family.”

Coach Mager continued those thoughts and how they might impact the future.

“I feel like all this family time has been a blessing and maybe that’s the point in the grand scheme of things,” said Mager. “Most of us lead such a hyperactive lifestyle and this could be a way to a better balance of being involved in things and spending more time with family.”

Mager also mentioned another benefit in increasing his knowledge and use of technology.

“I have learned a lot through not just social media but technology in general,” said Mager. “At the beginning of this I was at a novice level but to the degree, we use technology now I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned how to better platform Google Classroom for kids to access stuff easier. I’ve also started using it for basketball stuff for next season.”

As for the future of these videos, Mager explained that his intent is to continue them until what would have been the end of the normal school year on May 29. Mager also mentioned that it’d be nice to do something similar during the next school year but there would be challenges.

“It would be nice but during the school year it’d be tough because schedules get really busy,” said Mager. “I’d love to incorporate something like this into the normal day and maybe I can find a way but I have to make sure to do it the right way.”