Courthouse’s 4th floor closed for load study

Allison McNealEditor
Courthouse’s 4th floor closed for load study

The fourth story of the Adel Courthouse is currently closed for a structural load for capacity of the floor by the county.

Facilities Manager Bob Hughes inspected the floor recently and warranted that a structural engineer should look at the load capacity.

“The floor currently has a maximum occupancy of 48, but there can be between 50-80 individuals traveling to and from the floor at one time,” Hughes said. “Constant movement is what I want to protect. I don’t want something to damage the floors below.”

Hughes emphasized that the fourth floor is “not falling in by any means, and we are not going to gut the entire floor.”

Approximately 250 sq ft. of the floor would be replaced if the study warrants it and if the board approves the replacement. The courtroom floors, which consist of 3-quarter inch plywood, would remain intact.