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Folks in Boone were celebrating completion and dedication of the so-called Lincoln Highway (now U.S. Highway 30) through that city. The trans-continental highway was first of its kind in the U.S. Folks in Des Moines were saddened that the highway ran north of the city; had their quest for the highway been successful, the nation’s first coast-to-coast highway would also have crossed Dallas County.


Elmer Uplinger, the young fellow charged with horse stealing and now confined in the county jail, got hold of some opium Friday night and made believe he had enough to kill. He feigned severe illness and fell over in an apparent stupor. When Dr. Williams was called he thought it a ruse but determined to give him a trial of the stomach pump. When that ugly instrument started to wind its way down to his vitals he came to in a hurry and begged of the doctor to let him up. He showed them where he had hit the opium in the bed and promise to behave if they would keep away that pump. He is a wiser boy and will have to be very sick in earnest before he will again have his internals stirred up with any pumping machine.


A few nights ago, H.L. Royer, who lives near Riverside park, missed some chickens from his flock. About that time two colored men drove into the campgrounds in the park and started to dress some chickens preparatory to a colored man’s feast. Mr. Royer put two and two together and then called the law. Officer Dutch Baldon squared matters for the colored men when he recognized them as having asked for permission to camp at the park — and they had the chickens with them at the time. They also proved that they came by them honestly and, in addition, Mr. Royer admitted they were not from his flock. Later, it was learned that one of the colored men was a preacher and that he belonged with the Piney Woods organization which has been giving concerts throughout central Iowa. But, for a time at least, the dark hued folks feared they might have to sleep in the jail house.


Voters elected a Democratic slate of officials to county offices. Voters also approved a 25-cent per month surcharge per telephone access to help fund the Enhanced 911 service, which probably won’t be implemented for another two years.

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Voters rejected funding a new public safety building, the measure gaining 58 percent approval. Supervisors will likely use a capital improvement loan, approved under recent legislation, to build the facility.