Thanksgiving event celebrates 24th year

Allison McNealEditor
Thanksgiving event celebrates 24th year

Many Adel residents will be served a traditional Thanksgiving meal next Thursday, Nov. 28 from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the Adel-DeSoto-Minburn High School Commons.

The event, which had its largest turnout to-date last year with over 300 attendees, is expected to host the same amount this year.

In order to accommodate a large crowd, committee members Shirley Wolfe and Ellen Copeland say the event takes months of planning and two days’ worth of preparation.

“It’s quite a process,” Wolfe said. “Wednesday we clean, cook, then refrigerate the turkeys, start making the bread for the dressing, and start preparations for the tea and coffee. Thursday morning we start cutting the pumpkin pies and the turkey is placed back in the oven. “Potatoes and gravy are made last.”

Wolfe and Copeland also rely on 11 local churches to help make 100 pies that will be served Thanksgiving Day.

Local residents, with ages ranging from teenagers involved in the local Boy Scout troop to 99-year-old veteran Wilma McManus, will be on hand to help residents with free-will donations and to assist with handing out food as well as clean-up.

For those families and individuals unable to attend the dinner, over 100 meals will be delivered by a few local residents. Although countless hours are spent planning the event each year, both Wolfe and Copeland think the event is worth it.

“The dinner is for everybody to enjoy,” Copeland said. “It’s a day to give mom a break and to bring in the whole family. The meal isn’t just for the handicapped or elderly; it’s for everyone.”

And for some the day is about catching up with long-lost friends.

“There are some people who will come to the dinner just to sit down and talk with their friends who they haven’t seen since last year,” Copeland said. Shirley Wolfe’s son, Chuck who has volunteered for 12 years, said the social aspect of the day is important to many involved.

“It’s a great time for people to sit down with people they don’t know and actually get to know them,” he said. As the event steadily grows, committee members Shirley and Chuck Wolfe, Ellen Copeland, Jane Meier and Wilma McManus hope residents will take an interest in the organization and planning of the day and be a part of their committee.

“We are looking to pass down the torch so-to-speak,” Copeland said. “I’m in my 80s, and Ellen is getting older. Somebody has to get interested and learn what there is to do. “

Those interested in volunteering or learning more about becoming a committee member can contact Ellen Copeland at 515-422-0995 or Shirley Wolfe at 515-993-4481.