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Hello! Well December has arrived. I was thinking I want to say Thank You to our Dallas County Paper and Madisonian newspaper that run the library news for free. I appreciate both of these county papers and what they do for our communities. Our news would not get to you as much if it were not for them.

I want to turn this around a little and tell you some new DVDs we have for Christmas:

“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, “The Christmas Story”, “Elf”, “Home Alone movie Pack”,”Polar Express”. “White Christmas”, “The Bishop’s Wife”, “It’s a Wonderful Life” and many more. I just got done watching one of these with my family. What a joyous time! So be sure to check them out!

We have a couple of gentlemen patrons who bless the library with new books after they have read them. I will list a few here and if you are interested please let me know. These are great but uncommon reads:

“Shadow of the Wind” by Mackey Hedges

“Pioneer Women” by Gaylon Barrow

“The Old Man on the Deck” by Al Clough

“Truck-A Love Story” by Michael Perry

“Stronger Men Stronger Women” by Gaylon Barrow

“The Blue Tattoo: The Life of Olive Oatman” by Margot Mifflin

If you love true stories with grit, determination and love the great outdoors you will love these books. Just let me know and there is more to come.

My assistant Michelle Boren has the library lit up like a Christmas tree. Please be sure to stop in and enjoy all the decorating she has done. It is beautiful! I asked her about a really old jingle bell we have out and she said Jolena that was in with the library decorations. She also did three new Christmas book marks in color that are available. I love the one that tells us what Santa is reading!

We just happened to have those titles. :)

So be sure to stop in for coffee or cocoa and have a look around in your library. You never know what we have been up too!

This Thursday and the following ones up to Christmas we will be doing crafts with Shannon. This week we will be doing the quilling again for those who have missed it and want to learn it yet.

Then it looks like we will be making “Dr. Who” snowflakes! I will keep you posted here on what else Shannon has in store for us! Each Thursday we will start at 6:30 p.m.

Book Club will be on the third Thursday at 7pm. We will still have crafts that same night.

So bring the whole family and enjoy your library!

The after school program will be having fun food, crafts and games each night after school. Let me know if there are ideas you would like to see. We have an average of 15-20 kids each night. Our total after school program has about 30 regular kids and teens. So as you can see the library is a great place to be with your friends.

Have a great week! Jolena at 996-2435!