Four sets of twins, all related were featured in 1930s DCN

Bill HaglundStaff Writer
Four sets of twins, all related were featured in 1930s DCN

Seventy-five years ago, Donna Hogle’s picture appeared in the Dallas County News.

Donna, now 80 and living in Conrad, hadn’t done anything extraordinary to find her photo in the newspaper.

But, she was part of something extraordinary.

She was just one of eight children featured in the newspaper — four sets of twins, all related to each other.

While it was rare for most to earn a college degree in those post Great Depression, pre-World War II days, these four cousins excelled. Each of them went on to earn college degrees.

The cousin-twins include Don and Donna (Wagner) Hogle, now 80; Jon and George Wagner; Marjorie (Hill) Joslin and Marilyn (Hill) Hagedorn; and Ed and Art Hill.

The Wagner twins both grew up in or near Adel, while the two sets of Hill twins grew up at Minburn.

“I think it was quite unusual to have that many sets of twins on both sides of the family,” Donna Hogle said. “We all went our separate ways and haven’t been all together since we were children, except on special occasions.

“I guess Don and I have seen more of the others through the years.”

So, where are they now?

• Don Wagner, 80, is a retired high school math teacher living in Huntington Beach, Calif.;

• Donna (Wagner) Hogle, 80, is a retired elementary teach/quilt store co-owner, living in Conrad;

• Marjorie (Hill) Joslin, 79, is a retired middle and high school teacher living in West Des Moines;

• Marilyn (Hill) Hagedorn, 79, is a retired kindergarten and elementary teacher living in West Des Moines;

• Jon Wagner, 77, is a retired pharmacist living in Sioux City;

• George Wagner, 77, is a retired architect living in Denver, Colo.;

• Ed Hill, 77, is a retired college librarian living in La Crosse, Wis., and;

• Art Hill, 77, is a retired Methodist minister living in Knoxville and moving soon to Indianola.

When the eight children were featured in a 1938 edition of the Dallas County News, the “Us Kids” editor of the paper “would have given an arm to be there, and is hoping someone will send one of the pictures taken at the time (the gathering), so that the News readers may get a glimpse of the unusual group.