Keep Van Alstyne Beautiful Sets Sights on State Grant

From Staff Reports

For more than two decades, Keep Texas Beautiful, in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), has awarded the prestigious Governor’s Community Achievement Awards (GCAA) to 10 Texas communities with the best grassroots environmental programs in the state each year.

The competition distributes $2 million in funding from TxDOT across the 10 communities, with the amount based on population size. The funds are used for landscaping projects along local rights-of-way.

A community is judged on their environmental program achievements in seven areas:

• Community Leadership and Coordination

• Public Awareness

• Education

• Beautification and Community Improvement

• Litter Prevention and Cleanup

• Solid Waste Management

• Litter Law and Illegal Dumping Enforcement

As a result of the hard work, dedication and commitment of President Ruth Ann Collins, Keep Van Alstyne Beautiful Members and the city’s involvement, Van Alstyne was awarded $65,000 from this grant in 2003/2004. The current award is $110,000.00.

KVAB is working towards applying for this award and likes its chances to win. The community is welcomed to join in and help make the goal a reality.

As KVAB members are fond of saying: “Just imagine what we could do for Van Alstyne with $110,000.00…”