Woodward-Granger school board recap

Melissa Toledo
Woodward-Granger school board recap

Granger— It was a packed house at Woodward-Granger Elementary School’s media center Monday evening.

Parents, students, staff and members of the community were engrossed in the agenda discussions among the board members.

The first item included a discussion about extending the music program to the three-year-old preschool. The advisory board suggestion would be to also place their current music teacher for the elementary school in those classrooms.

Next on the agenda was the presentation of the new district website by technology director Cody Churchill. He showed everyone how much easier it is to navigate the site but that there are twenty bugs that still need to be fixed by the company they hired.

The third item on the agenda was an update from high school baseball coach Eric Evans about the three-phase renovation project on the baseball field. Evans showed the group before and after slides of the field including new dugouts, a backstop, storage shed and donation wall they put in for the 2014 baseball season. The coach is still looking to put in the outfield fencing by this spring with the help of a few seniors and local fencing companies who have volunteered. Evans requested the approval of the board to allow him, the seniors and Hawks Dugout Club to proceed with the last phase as well as allowing them to eventually renovate the bathrooms to be handicap accessible, to use the former storage shed as a temporary concession stand and move the press box behind home plate. The board approved the project but the city denied a building permit for their desired location for the outfield fence as it is not on school property. A city council member who was in attendance volunteered to look into the matter and have a conversation with the coach and dugout club president Sandy Foster.

Following that agenda item, Superintendent Brad Anderson informed the board that he was approached by Taher, the district’s food service management company, about serving diet soda at lunch in order to boost sales. It would also meet dietary guidelines and the calorie count. A rep for the company, Meladee Steele, confirmed that many seniors get their soda from Casey’s so offering 16 or 20 ounce bottles of diet Pepsi or Coke products would be beneficial. Per the board’s approval, Steele will present the projected revenue of adding diet soda to the program at the next meeting.

Two community members interested in becoming a board member introduced themselves to the panel who discussed making their final decision at a special meeting which was scheduled for this past Wednesday.

In other news, the public hearing for the Woodward-Granger Middle School renovation and Woodward-Granger Early Childhood Center renovation which includes air conditioning and windows to commence late summer has been set for February. The bid requested by DLR Group has been accepted by the board for March 1 at 2 p.m. at the central office.