Adel man runs for Iowa House of Representatives

Special to the Perry Chief
Adel man runs for Iowa House of Representatives

Bryce Smith, 24, of Adel, is running as the Democratic candidate for legislative district 19.

District 19 makes up most of rural Dallas county and northern parts of Polk county with over 30,000 residents, 11 school districts and hundreds of small businesses. Bryce Smith is a graduate of ADM school districts and The University of Northern Iowa with a bachelors in education and business.

Smith announced his candidacy earlier last year expressing a need for change in our state legislator.

“We have far too many elected officials who are not doing their jobs as described. Being a representative is simple, listen to the people, not just some, but all, take their comments, concerns, and interests and create positive legislation.”

Smith, a small business owner and actively involved in his community, wants to take small business practices to the Iowa House in order to straighten out the constant struggle to balance the state budgets and appropriate the right money in the right areas.

Smith also sees the importance in budgeting properly for public and early childhood education.

“When we invest in our schools and children’s future we see results; class sizes remain smaller, technology and research increases and our students have an environment that fosters growth and knowledge.”

Smith also supports Iowa’s renewable energies industry which create thousands of well-paying jobs and diversifies and sustains our energy and economic needs.

Bryce Smith is running for the Iowa House of Representatives on the 2016 ballot