Kennybrook Village wins Pinnacle Customer Experience Award

Submitted to DCN

GRIMES — Kennybrook Village was recently recognized for its high quality of service by customer satisfaction firm Pinnacle Quality Insight. Qualifying for the Pinnacle Customer Experience Award, means that a facility has satisfied the rigorous demand of scoring in the top 15 percent of the nation across a 12-month average. Receiving a Customer Experience Award is a great achievement as Pinnacle conducts over 150,000 surveys each year and works with over 2300 clients in every state in the country.

Over the course of 12 months, the organization interviewed residents regarding their satisfaction level at the community. Kennybrook Village qualified for a Pinnacle Customer Experience Award in the following service areas:



Dignity and Respect

Dining Service

Move-in Process

Overall Satisfaction

Recommend to Others

Response to Problems

Safety and Security

Transportation Needs

Throughout the evaluation process, residents were asked to gauge several aspects of their received services. The Customer Experience Award is awarded to care providers who have achieved best-in-class customer satisfaction standards within their peer group. Kennybrook Village would like to thank its staff for all their hard work to achieve this honor, and its residents for their kind words and recognition. For more information about Kennybrook Village contact Teresa Bahr at 515-369-3900 or at

About Kennybrook Village:

As a resident at Kennybrook Village, you will be around people with life experiences in common with you and who appreciate everything you have to offer. Your independence and privacy are cherished at Kennybrook Village. We strive to provide exceptional service, exciting activities, wonderful meals and a great value in Independent Living, Assisted Living and Rehabilitation. Everything you need is right here in Kennybrook Village.