Myrna Reynoldson Mayfield Trust awards 2017 grants and scholarships

Submitted to DCN

The Myrna Reynoldson Mayfield Trust is pleased to announce $36,100 in grants have been awarded for the benefit of the citizens of the City of Woodward and surrounding rural areas.

Recipients of the grants are:

Woodward-Granger Dance Team: $5,000 for costuming.

Woodward-Granger High School Softball: $385 for Ames Girls Softball Association Spring League.

Woodward-Granger High School Class of 2018: $1,000 toward After Prom Party.

City of Woodward: $3,650 to install GaGa pit, extreme basketball hoop and signage at City Park.

Woodward Friends & Neighbors Day: $2,000 towards fireworks and barricades for highway.

Woodward Volunteer Fire Department: $2,069 to outfit one firefighter in proper gear.

11U Baseball: $650 for uniforms, league/tournament fees, equipment, insurance & practice time.

Woodward Youth Baseball: $1,500 to replace tires on chalk machine, new catcher's glove, hats, intercom system, new scoreboard Siglin Little League Field 2.

Woodward Youth Football: $3,646 to purchase 12 Riddell Speed Flex Youth Helmets

Hawks Dugout Club: $5,000 towards new fence and backstop for bullpen area at High School Baseball Field

Woodward Public Library: $2,800 for laminator & film, circuit machine and logo floor mat.

Woodward Golf & Recreation: $4,200 for new motor & pump repair at pool and concrete repair in women's bathroom.

Woodward United Methodist Church: $4,200 for Christian education, study aids and youth groups

Scholarships totaling $11,000 will be awarded to Woodward-Granger High School students and graduates for their post-high school education.

The Myrna Reynoldson Mayfield Trust is a non-profit organization which makes annual distributions in the City of Woodward and adjacent rural areas for educational, civic, cultural, historical, recreational, charitable, religious and other purposes calculated to be of worth to the citizens of said area consistent with the intentions of the late Myrna Reynoldson Mayfield, a long-time Woodward resident.

The application deadline is April 1 each year. Questions about the grant/scholarship guidelines and application forms may be directed to the Directors of the Trust: Milt Heifner (Chairman), Mike Ramsey (Vice-Chair) and Rich Danilson (Secretary) or to C. Scott Finneseth of Finneseth, Dalen & Powell, P.L.C. (Attorneys for the Trust).