Bill Rhiner: Leaving a legacy

T.K. West - Special to DCN
Dixie and Bill Rhiner. PHOTO SUBMITTED TO DCN

Long-time Adel resident Bill Rhiner passed away in February, 2017, leaving behind him a legacy.

Growing up in central Iowa, Bill Rhiner had been taught the nature of giving at a very young age.

“His mom and dad were very sharing. They took care of a lot of people and they, themselves, just shared, which was nice. My husband saw that aspect of life and his parents are what motivated his giving nature,” said Dixie Rhiner, Bill’s wife.

After finishing his junior year of high school, Bill decided to pursue other opportunities outside of academics. He first began his career working at a local gas station. However, after marrying his wife Dixie, he later went on to work for Rhiner Brothers Plumbing, a company that was founded by his father and uncle.

“He worked in the field and got his journeyman’s license at 18 and his master license at 22. Then about 37 years ago, he decided to go into business for himself,” Dixie said, “He ran his company very well and had good men who worked for him.”

Once establishing himself in the business world, it didn’t take long for Bill to once again display his kindness throughout his local community of Adel, along with surrounding areas.

“He was always watching for someone in need. He was very concerned about people without and thought that you have a better community when sharing. That was just his way of thought,” Dixie said.

Whether it was purchasing fans and air conditioners throughout the spring and summer months to distribute to people in need or helping provide Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners for those who struggled around the holiday season, Rhiner was always coming up with new and creative ways to help those in the community around him.

“We have received fans and air conditioners for our patrons in need,” said Paula James of the Adel Public Library. “We have also received gift cards from Casey’s and Subway to pass out to patrons in need. I cannot say enough kind words about Bill and Dixie Rhiner. When he passed away, the Adel Public Library was one of the beneficiaries. We are going to use this money we received [from the Rhiners] in the children’s area. I think Bill would be pleased with that.”

Another organization that has been greatly impacted by the Rhiner family is AHeinz57, a foster based animal rescue organization that is headquartered in De Soto, Iowa.

“The Rhiners have started supporting our efforts long before we were very well known,” said Amy Heinz of AHeinz57. “They found out about our rescue transport program back when we were still driving an old beat up DHL van. They opened up their home and hosted a fundraiser dinner for us with an underground railroad theme. Bill’s legacy continues on through his daughter Christine, who is now helping us with the interior concrete for our new buildings. We will always be grateful for the support given to us in our early years and the continued support of the Rhiner family.”

In addition, Rhiner also owned apartment buildings throughout the city of Adel. By doing so, he not only aided tenants who did not have a lot of money but also those who were in need of help getting started.

“I think there are a lot of people like my husband that you don’t know about. There are a lot of kind people in this world,” Dixie said.

Although, these are but a few of the many contributions Rhiner had made throughout his life, it is safe to say that his legacy is one that will continue to impact the Adel community and surrounding areas for many years to come.