Health and Wellness - Hit the Trail

Ann Cochran Dallas County Public Health

As summer heat moderates into pleasant fall weather, the beautiful recreation trails in Dallas County become more inviting. These trails include spaces to bike, run or walk, and canoe or kayak.

Using these recreation opportunities will give you a chance to get out of house, where you’ve been cooped up in the air conditioning for weeks. You can amble along at a leisurely pace, or hike hilly terrain. Some trails are accessible for individuals with limited mobility. If you aren’t familiar with all Dallas County has to offer in the way of trails, go to the website and click on Departments & Services, where you can then find information from your Conservation Board.

You may also visit the Forest Park Museum at 14581 K Avenue, where the Conservation Board offices are located (phone 515-465-3577.) The museum itself houses collections of interesting natural and historical artifacts and is surrounded by an arboretum with trails throughout.

This fall try new walking and biking trails: High Trestle, Kuehn Conservation Area, Raccoon River Valley, Voas Nature Area; and the miles of water trail along the North and South Raccoon Rivers.

One last word – please wear helmets and floatation devices as you enjoy the trails.