W-G Schools business manager resigns amid payroll discrepancies

Clint Cole - Editor

The business manager for the Woodward-Granger Community School District has resigned after one of the District’s contractors found that there were discrepancies within the District’s payroll accounting system. Missy Lantz, the business manager and school board secretary, was put on administrative leave, and then offered her resignation, which was accepted by the Woodward-Granger School Board on Thursday, Aug. 10, in a special meeting in the office of superintendent, Brad Anderson.

Anderson released an official statement to Dallas County News:

“On Friday August 4, 2017 the Woodward-Granger CSD was notified by one of its contractors that there were discrepancies within the district’s payroll accounting system. We immediately contacted the District’s outside auditor to look into the matter. Our outside auditor notified the state auditor of the review. At this time, the district is dedicating its full efforts to identify and resolve any issues. So far, there does not appear to be any adverse impact on any District programs or services.

As a standard operating procedure, the District’s Board Secretary/Business Manager was placed on administrative leave with pay during the auditor’s review. The Business Manager/Board Secretary subsequently offered to resign from her position. On August 10th, the board accepted her resignation.”

According to the minutes from the Aug. 10 meeting in Anderson’s office, interviews for a new business manager/board secretary for the District began on Thursday, Aug. 17.

Lantz could not immediately be reached for comment.