Unofficial City Election Results in Dallas County

Clint Cole - Editor
Jim Peters was re-elected Mayor of Adel on Tuesday night.

Dallas County voters went out to the polls on Tuesday night to cast their votes in the city election. Here's how the candidates in the city council and Mayoral races in their respective cities. 

The results are unofficial until the Board of Supervisors canvasses the votes during their meeting on Nov. 14. 


Adel's election was hotly contested this year with tax abatement at the forefront of the debate. There were four candidates for two City Council seats and two candidates for Mayor. 

Nineteen-year-old Carter Nordman was unable to beat out the incumbent, Jim Peters. Peters was re-elected, taking 611 votes (51.6 percent), with Nordman taking 572 votes (48.31 percent). 

There will be two new city council members as Jodi Selby and Rob Christensen took the two open spots. Selby took 833 votes (37.47 percent) and Christensen took 607 votes (27.31 percent). 

Bryce Smith took third and the incumbent, Rebecca Hillmer failed to secure relection, taking fourth in the election. 

Dallas Center

In the race for city council in Dallas Center, it was the incumbents David Bagby and Curtis Pion taking the two seats up for election. Bagby received 381 votes (42.05 percent) while Pion took 325 votes (35.87 percent). 

Challenger, Robert Haxton took 196 votes (21.63 percent). 

In the race for Mayor, Michael Kidd defeated challenger, Julie Becker, for re-election, taking 339 votes (69.18 percent), while Becker received 151 votes (30.82 percent). 

De Soto

The election for De Soto City Council was hotly contested as there were eight candidates vying for three seats. The top three were Pam Bach, Terri Golightly and Russell Baker. 

Bach took 92 votes (21.85 percent), Golightly took 69 votes (16.39 percent) and Baker took 56 votes (13.3 percent). Ted Hansen finished in fourth, Mathew Sanders in fifth, Emily Cramp in sixth, Steve Jones in seventh and Robert Greenway in eighth. 

Current Mayor, Darold Butch Ostrander, ran unoppsed and received 138 votes (92.62 percent), easily locking down re-election. 


In Dexter, there were only two candidates for three city council seats. Timothy Morehouse received 93 votes (34.83 percent) and Adrienne Howard received 77 votes (28.84 percent) while 97 votes were cast for write-in candidates for the third seat. 


With Mayor Tom Armstrong retiring at the end of this term, residents in Grimes knew that there would be a new mayor elected on Tuesday. Scott Mikkelsen was elected with 368 votes (97.1 percent). 

The City Council race was also uncontested with incumbent Jill Altringer taking 287 votes (32.21 percent), Ryan Burger taking 270 (30.3 percent) and David Gisch taking 278 votes (31.2 percent). 


In Linden, there were three candidates for two city council seats. Pamela Basquin and Wendy Lemke were the top two. 

Basquin received 33 votes (34.38 percent) and Lemke received 32 votes (33.33 percent). June Rector finished in third with 26 votes (27.08 percent). 

Linden did not have any candidates for Mayor, but had 26 write-in votes cast. 


In Redfield, Pamela Danielson and Heather Godwin-Pote were elected to the city council in an uncontested race. Dustin Lantz was elected Mayor, also in an uncontested race.

Van Meter

There were six candidates for three seats on the Van Meter City Council. The three candidates taking those seats were Joe Herman, Adam Coyle and Steven Meyer. 

Herman took 227 votes (27.99 percent), Coyle took 177 votes (21.82 percent) and Meyer took 144 votes (17.76 percent). 

Former councilman Robert Lacy took fourth, Jonathan Bruen fook fifth and incumbent Michael Peterson took sixth. 


In Waukee, there were four candidates for three spots, including three incumbent candidates. Incumbents Anna Bergman and Charlie Bottenberg were re-elected to the council, while Courtney Clark beat out Brian Harrison for the third seat. 

Bergman received 1,049 votes (29.99 percent), Bottenberg received 854 votes (24.41 percent) and Clark took 823 (23.53 percent). Harrison received 709 votes (20.27 percent).