Results from 2020 Primary Election in Dallas County

Staff Report
A vote here sign outside of a polling location at the Adel Public Library.

The 2020 Iowa Primaries were held on Tuesday, June 2, with polls open throughout the state from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. Voters hit the polls in Dallas County and across the state to select their party’s nomination for County, State and Federal elections this November.

Polling locations were limited in Dallas County because of COVID-19 concerns. 

For District 20, which represents the Perry area, Ray Bubba Sorenson ran unopposed and claimed the Republican nomination. Sorenson will run against Democrat Ryan Morrison in November.

For District 44, which represents the Waukee area, Dave Lorenzen won the Republican nomination. He captured 80.23 percent of the votes in Dallas County. Paul Knupp, an opponent of Lorenzen, picked up just 19.2 percent of the vote. Lorenzen will run against Democrat Kenan Judge, who ran unopposed for the Democratic nomination.

For State Senator District 10, Warren Andrew Varley won the Democratic nomination after running unopposed. Varley will run against Jake Chapman, who won the Republican nomination after also running unopposed.

Carter Nordman picked up the Republican nomination for State Representative District 19. Nordman will now run against Nick Miller, who won the Democratic nomination. Both candidates ran unopposed.

In the State Senator District 22 race, Sarah Trone Garriott received 46.14 percent of the vote in Dallas County. Her Democratic opponents Tricia Gavin picked up 40.60 percent while Michael P. Libbie earned 13.03 percent. Garriott will take on Scott Cirksena, who won the Republican nomination. Cirksena won Dallas County with 77.04 percent of the vote. Cirksena defeated Porsha Hart,  who received 22.52 percent of the vote.

In a three-way race, Katherine Fuller won the Democratic nomination for County Supervisor District 2. Fuller picked up 69.23 percent of the vote in Dallas County, defeating Michael Kern with 30.49 percent. Fuller will now run against Republican incumbent Mark Hanson, who ran unopposed.

Julia Helm took the Republican nomination for Dallas County Auditor after receiving 99.64 percent of the vote.

Within the Dallas County Sheriff race, incumbent Chad Leonard won the Republican nomination after capturing 99.59 percent of the vote. Helm and Leonard both ran unopposed.

Theresa Greenfield won a tightly contested race for the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate. Greenfield picked up 43.92 percent of the vote in Dallas County followed by Michael Franken with 28.04 percent, Kimberly Graham with 14.24 percent of the vote, Eddie J. Mauro with 12.65 percent of the vote, and Cal Woods who picked up just 1.08 percent of the vote. Greenfield will be running against incumbent Republican Joni Ernst, who won the Republican nomination.

Cindy Axne picked up the Democratic nomination for U.S. Representative District 3. Axne will run against David Young who won the Republican nomination. Young received 71.57 percent of the vote in Dallas County. His opponent Bill Schafer received 28.25 percent of the vote.

All results are unofficial until canvassed by the Dallas County Board of Supervisors.