Brickyard Burgers and Brews updates kitchen, patio spaces

Becky Carlyle - Correspondent
Brickyard Burgers and Brews has made updates to the Adel restaurant's inside and outside spaces. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

The third owner, John Royer, of Brickyard Burgers and Brews in Adel, has updated their restaurant space, both inside and out. The second owner had put in a small kitchen, but Royer recently put in a completely new kitchen.

“I gutted the whole kitchen and I put in a flat top,” Royer said. “I put in extra fryers. I put in a pizza area.”

Royer officially took over the business around two months ago, however, he started making changes to the kitchen about two months prior to that. When COVID-19 hit, it significantly hurt the business.

“They shut us down originally,” Royer said. “Then we were able to do curbside and delivery and that was terrible. And now, we have 100 percent open, but at 6 feet, which when you have 6 feet apart, it doesn’t matter if you are 100 percent open or 50 percent open. It doesn’t help.”

Royer shared that not being able to fill up the bar and not being able to have everybody possible in the restaurant, has really hurt them.

“Most restaurants have to be pretty dang full at all times in order to be profitable,” Royer said.

While adjusting and adapting during COVID-19, Royer learned that using online delivery services, like DoorDash, came with some benefits.

“I probably would have never done that [used a delivery service] if we didn’t have to,” Royer said. “Turns out, even though they take a decent chunk, we still do pretty good sales with them and no one takes up any of our dining space by getting deliveries sent to them.”

Along with the kitchen updates, Brickyard Burgers and Brews updated the outdoor patio. They added an 80-foot rail, with lights, that can be used for sitting and eating at. They put in a useable bar and added picnic tables and sun sails.

Their full pizza room is equipped to make pizzas, nachos and calzones. They do a lot of to go pizzas.

Their last addition to the menu is breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays. Royer feels that their new breakfast menu is very unique.

“I’m a breakfast guy. I also own Mullets, which is downtown Des Moines,” Royer said. “We’re known for our breakfast. I’m a part owner of The Chicken out on Orilla [in West Des Moines] and they do breakfast.”

Royer feels breakfast is a niche. All of his restaurants now serve breakfast and all are right next to the bike trail.

“I felt like [Brickyard Burgers and Brews] kind of hit my theme of what I do at my other places,” Royer said. “That’s kind of why I took it over.”

Their most popular breakfast items include breakfast burritos, breakfast tacos, salmon omelets, salmon hash, country fried steak, breakfast nachos and chorizo hash.

Soon, Brickyard Burgers and Brews will be offering coupons to encourage people to try their pizzas and breakfast.

Construction on all of these updates took longer than Royer had hoped. Instead of taking two months as anticipated, it took around 3.5 months to complete to make the kitchen fully useable.

One of Royer’s favorite things about Brickyard Burgers and Brews is the building itself, but he feels the clientele is great. He also feels his staff is amazing and have been very helpful.

“Adel is so far just great down-home people,” Royer said. “Now, we’ve made some mistakes out there and that’s gonna happen with a newer restaurant. We would love it if people would reach out to the staff before going to social media. We’ll make it right. I want to know about every incident that happens. That’s how we improve.”

Brickyard Burgers and Brews is open Monday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. On Saturday and Sunday, the full breakfast menu is served from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., but they remain open until 10 p.m.

For more information, Brickyard Burgers & Brews is on Facebook, where they post specials every weekend. Their website is