3rd Place set to reopen on Sept. 5 in Adel

Becky Carlyle - Correspondent
3rd Place, located at 807 Main St. in Adel will officially reopen on Saturday, Sept. 5.

An Adel non-profit coffee shop and community center was inspired by the idea of people having three places. 

Kelly Pape share that the first place is at home, the second place is at school or work and the third place is where people connect within the community.

3rd Place, located at 807 Main St. in Adel, started almost three years ago by Lori and Alan Richardson. Pape and her husband Kyle are now managing the business, officially opening on Saturday, Sept. 5.

“We’ve believed in the mission of 3rd Place since we moved to Adel two years ago,” Pape said. “We felt supported by 3rd Place and we want to make sure to keep that going for others.” 

Kelly Pape and her husband Kyle are now managing 3rd Place in Adel.

Pape and Kyle met during their undergraduate studies at The University of Iowa. She double majored in Spanish and Health and Human Physiology with an emphasis in Health Promotion. Kyle has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music as well as a teaching certificate.

While teaching at The American School Foundation in Mexico City, Mexico, both Pape and Kyle obtained Master’s of Science Degrees in International Education through The State University of New York. While in Mexico City, Pape taught third grade and Kyle taught band.

“Kyle’s job as the 5-12 band director in Van Meter is what brought us to Adel two years ago,” Pape said. “3rd Place was the first place we went to when we moved to town. Lori told me about a mom’s group that met Wednesday mornings and that is where I met almost all of my closest friends in town.”  

Last year, Pape and Kyle started hosting open mic nights at 3rd Place. 

Currently, 3rd Place offers a family friendly gathering place for anyone in the community as well as guitar, ukulele, crochet and knitting classes.  

One of the gathering spots inside 3rd Place in Adel.

“We plan to continue offering a variety of classes each month,” Pape said. “In addition to month long classes, we also are in the process of planning a canvas and cocoa art event, a macramé class, open mic nights, board game nights, crafting nights and more!”  

Monday nights, during the football season, they will be open for anyone who wishes to watch the game.  

3rd Place also offers coffee, tea, hot chocolate, chai lattes, snacks, and a variety of fresh, made in Iowa, cinnamon rolls. The cinnamon rolls are made by Mast Pie Bakery.

“I’m so impressed with them [Mast Pie Bakery]. They grind their own wheat berries and have their own farm where they get the fruit for their jams,” Pape said.

Healthy to-go meals from Fresh Fit Meals in Urbandale, will also be on the 3rd Place menu.  

“This would be ideal for anyone who might not have time to pack food for work, but want a healthy option they could pick up on their way,” Pape said.

There will be a teacher appreciation week as well, Sept. 8 through Sept. 12. Anyone who is a teacher or works in the schools, can get a free coffee by showing their school ID.

During the school year, from September to the end of May, they’re also setting up an ‘adopt a teacher’ program. Parents or community members can sponsor a specific teacher or staff member by either paying $25 per month of choice or by making a $200 one-time payment for the entire school year.

Whenever this selected teacher or staff member visits 3rd Place, they will receive a free coffee.

“This would be perfect if a parent wanted to organize something with the other parents of the class to get this for their child’s teacher this year,” Pape said.

The interior of 3rd Place in Adel.

3rd Place is available to host private events such as birthdays, showers, graduation parties, retirement parties, family reunions or work gatherings.

“We love creating a friendly and warm environment for people to gather and enjoy a coffee while learning something new,” Pape said.

They are navigating COVID-19 by offering curbside pickup and spacing tables according to recommendations for social distancing. Their classes have a cap of 8-10 students. 

“We have more than enough room for students to be socially distant during the class and we recommend wearing masks,” Pape said.

Pape shared that donations are vital to support their mission of building community in Adel. 

On the 3rd Place website,, there’s a donate button. From there, a one time or monthly donation can be set up. 

“Anyone who sets up a $25 or $50 monthly donation or more, is considered part of the insiders club and can receive a free cup of coffee Monday through Saturday,” Pape said.

Normal business hours will start Tuesday, Sept. 8. These hours will be 6:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Monday through Friday, 3 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday and closed on Sunday.

A Canvas and cocoa painting night is set for 6-8 p.m. on Sept. 18. Arts and crafts classes, Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 9:45 a.m., are geared toward children ages three through five.

3rd Place is looking for people to share their passions, talents and experiences. To contact 3rd Place, they may be reached on their website, Facebook page or by email,

“We have traveled extensively and from our experiences of living in various cities and countries, we’ve found that the most important aspect of living in a new place, is getting connected in the community,” Pape said. “We were so glad to see that 3rd Place existed and felt the community would feel a void with its absence.  We love Adel!”

3rd Place is set to reopen on Saturday, Sept. 5 in Adel.