MCA Metal Fabrication relocates to De Soto community

T.K. West
Loreal and Bryce Holmes pose for a photo inside MCA Metal Fabricator. The business recently relocated to a new building in De Soto.

After 24 years of experience in the metal fabrication trade, Bryce Holmes has recently relocated his company, MCA Metal Fabrication, to the De Soto community. 

For approximately 21 years, Holmes had previously worked at various metal fabrication shops around the Des Moines Metro before opening his own shop. In addition to his full time position, he had pursued side work out of a two car garage behind his house, often working nearly 60-80 hours per week.     

“I became so busy with my side work, that I either had to cut back on my side work or go full time on my own. I chose to go full time on my own and so I found a shop to rent in Adel. I also had to think of a name and quickly chose MCA which is the first initials of my three daughters first names,” Holmes said of Mataya, Chloe and Aurora.

Bryce Holmes poses for a photo with his daughters Chloe and Aurora. Not pictured is older daughter Mataya.

However, for Holmes, the process of relocating his shop from a rental in Adel to De Soto was not an easy one. At the time, he was unable to find another location for rent that would meet the needs of his current business. Holmes instead decided to purchase a lot in July 2019, build a building and was finally able to move into his new location at the beginning of September 2020.    

“I couldn’t find anything that would satisfy my needs,” Holmes said. “I found my lot on Ellefson Drive, negotiated with the seller and I made the deal happen. [I] found out what all I needed to do through the city of De Soto to be able to get my building done.”  

When it comes to his company’s products, Holmes says that because metal fabrication is a dying art, what one shop can do is not necessarily what another can. He says that MCA Metal Fabrication is not a one dimensional shop and is often called for projects that other companies have difficulty completing. 

As part of its business, MCA Metal Fabrication has created everything from simple yard art to metal furniture, platforms, hand rails and even pieces for city parks. The company’s agricultural work has also included repairing machinery, building seed bins, and items for chicken and hog farms. 

The interior of MCA Metal Fabrication's new location in De Soto.

“MCA Metal Fabrication is here for any and all metal fabrication needs. We don’t ever want anyone to think that we only do big projects,” Holmes said. “What I’m most excited about my shop in De Soto is location, accessibility, having a great looking building and having something I’ve worked so hard on to finally have my dream come true. I thank God and give Him all the glory first for giving me the talents and abilities and the perseverance to keep going even when things aren’t easy.”  

Holmes added that between himself and his shop fabricator, Dean Jones, they have a combined 63 years of experience. 

"(We) work very, very well together and he has been an incredible addition to my shop and God has blessed me beyond anything I could have hoped for," Holmes said.

He added that although the outbreak of the recent coronavirus had affected some of his vendors and the ability to obtain materials, it has not impacted his business, current hours, or method of operations overall.

MCA Metal Fabrication is located at 2 Ellefson Drive in De Soto. The business reopened in a new building in September.

MCA Metal Fabrication is currently located at 2 Ellefson Drive in De Soto and is open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Holmes says that with things now getting back to a somewhat normal schedule, the company is operating business as usual.        

“Probably the best part of De Soto is how welcoming everyone has been.  From the mayor and city council to the residents that have expressed how great it is to have a business such as mine in the area now and how everyone has been very supportive,” Holmes said. “The city of De Soto has been great with accepting me in the community and allowing me to have my new home there.”