Residents show support for Trump, Republicans during Trump Train Trifecta in Adel

Andrew Brown
Dallas County News

On a chilly Monday afternoon, 2020 Trump "Keep America Great" signs and flags were prominently displayed in Adel. 

A line of vehicles with various flags and patriotic memorabilia started at the Dallas County Fairgrounds and headed to the county courthouse for the Trump Train Trifecta.

Kelly Koch, one of the individuals who led the event with the Dallas County Republicans, was pleased not only with the event but also the movement behind it. 

"The concept has been nation-wide supporting our president but over the last three to four months, there has been a movement and energy here in Iowa," began Koch. "We're labeling it the "Trifecta: Trump, Joni (Ernst), and David Young for District Three. We put it out there at the grassroots level and people started to come out of nowhere from all walks of life. Teachers, dentists, attorneys, coaches, they're all here. We spread the word and now we're excited." 

Flags fly from vehicles during the Trump Train Parade Trifecta on Monday, Oct. 26 in Adel.

Monday's event came together rather quickly.

"We talked to all three campaigns and within a matter of an hour the brainchild was hatched and it spread like wildfire easy," Koch said. 

The event was also noted on the Dallas County GOP's Facebook page along with encouragement to show support for Trump. While vehicles were lining up, event leaders distributed various signs. Once every parade participant was suited up with Trump, Ernst and/or Young signs, they took off towards the courthouse. 

"It's a great event, for us to put something together, I'm certainly going to be a patriot and show up," said Justin Doud, one of the event participants. "To vote for Trump is a real understanding of appreciation. The fact that here was a guy who defied the odds. Iowa has always thought actions speak louder than words and his actions are big. I've never felt safer being an American." 

From left, Mark Hanson, Jake Chapman, Carter Nordman, Terry Branstad, David Young, Dave Lorenzen and Sheriff Chad Leonard stop for a photo during the Trump Train Trifecta on Monday, Oct. 26 in Adel.

People both in the parade and passing by gave shouts of support and honked their horns. While on the courthouse lawn, supporters flooded to the south side to listen to several speakers. 

There no denying the outpouring of support including from nearly all levels of government including from former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad. 

"It's great to be in Iowa and it's great to be in Dallas County," Branstad said. "I wanted to come back here to show how important it is to keep the leadership of Donald Trump."  

Attendees take photos with former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad on Monday, Oct. 26 in Adel during the Trump Train Trifecta.

Those attending Monday's event in Adel were happy to see all of the Trump and Republican support.

"It's a special thing to be among people who share the same values and passion for Trump as you do," Doud said. "There's a lot of people here and I'm glad I'm here. It just shows how much support is out there for our president." 

The importance of the election itself was also stressed with less than a week until Election Day on Nov. 3. 

"When you say the Trump Train, people say they are on it but if you really are, you've got to get here and vote," Koch said before the start of Monday's event. "This is a very important election and we must go out and vote." 

Flags fly from vehicles during the Trump Train Parade Trifecta on Monday, Oct. 26 in Adel.