Adel Women’s Club donates funds to help plant a tree in Evans Park

T.K. West
Parks and Recreation Director Nick Schenck receives a donation from Women’s Club representative, Mary Ockerman.

The Adel Women’s Club has recently donated funds to help plant a tree at Evans Park. The Adel tree planting program is offered through the Adel Parks and Recreation Department and has been around since the mid-2000s. Adel Parks and Recreation Director Nick Schenck says that the program was created in an effort to add new tree plantings across city-owned grounds such parks, cemeteries and more.

“In general, the city strives to plant 25 to 30 trees per year,” Schenck said. “The tree planting program ensures that the city tree canopy will continue for many years to come. People can plant trees to recognize retirement, anniversaries, honor loved ones passing, civic minded purposes, etc.”

Schenck also says that typically an average sized tree ranging from 6’ to 10’ tall costs between $200 and $250 dollars. The city can assist in the selection of the tree species at the request of those who donate to the program. The tree that was donated by the Adel Women’s Club was planted near the basketball court at Evans Park in the hopes that it will help provide shade of a nearby bench in the years to come.

“The town of Adel is in the process of upgrading local parks. The state women's organization asked that clubs do something for Arbor Day and it was decided to plant a tree in a local park. Nick Schenck of Adel Parks recommended a Common Hackberry tree because it is very tolerant of all growing conditions,” Mary Ockerman of the Adel Women’s Club said.

The Adel Women’s Club was initially organized in 1901 and joined the General Federation of Women’s Clubs in 1907. Although the club was originally limited to only 18 members, the club has since grown to include 55 members today. Ockerman says that the Adel Women’s Club is the second largest women’s club in the state of Iowa and that each year the club raises money through various projects

“The mission of the General Federation of Women's Clubs international women's organizations is dedicated to community improvement through volunteer services,” Ockerman said, “Each year our club raises money through various projects to donate back to the community.”

Funding for the local club typically comes from dues, donations and two salad luncheons throughout the year. Ockerman said that over the past three years, the Adel Women’s Club has donated approximately $15,000 to local community needs, some of which include the Adel Library, the fire department and the Master Gardeners. Club members have also volunteered for various programs such as the Good Samaritan Food Pantry, the Kids Clothes Closet, the Area Crisis Intervention and Advocacy Center and more.

“As Adel grows we have many young families moving into our community. Adel also requires home builders to either put a park in their plat or give the city a monetary amount to do so. As new parks are built there is a need for landscaping and trees. It was decided that this is one worthwhile donation to help with that,” Ockerman said.

Community members interested in planting a tree can reach out to the Adel Parks and Recreational Department for more information.

The hackberry tree purchased and planted in Evan’s Park.