Dallas County Achievers

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Drake University 

Students and their degrees are Taylor Boorn, of Adel, pharmacy degree; Frederic Hayer, of Adel, Juris Doctor in law; Sarah Knute, of Adel, master's degree in counseling; Bethany Thompson, of Adel, Elementary Education master’s; Elizabeth Weyers, of Bouton, bachelor’s degree in writing and public relations; Bukuru Anastazie of Waukee, bachelors in law, politics and society and international relations; Kristin Barber of Waukee, master's degree in business administration and compliance and risk management; Viviana Cao of Waukee, pharmacy degree; Melonie Gill of Waukee, master’s degree in counseling; Aldijana Hotic-Cullinan of Waukee, master’s degree in counseling; Kathryn Leidahl of Waukee, Juris Doctor in law and master’s degree in business administration; Roxanne Livermore of Waukee, master’s degree in leadership development; Sanjana Nair of Waukee, bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance; Sonia Ngo of Waukee, pharmacy degree; Abigail Olson of Waukee, master’s degree in teacher effectiveness and professional development; Dawn Osmonson Sturm of Waukee, master’s degree in compliance and risk management; Steven Peralta Cornejo of Waukee, bachelor’s degree in graphic design; Kylene Simpson of Waukee, master’s degree in culturally responsive leadership and instruction; Leah Wilson of Waukee, bachelor’s degree in public relations; and Emma Wing of Waukee, bachelor’s degree in politics and history. 

Iowa State University

Iowa State University awarded degrees to 802 graduates this summer. Local graduates and their degrees are Anthony Jacobsen, of Dallas Center, master's degree in mechanical engineering; Cinthia Naranjo, of Perry, bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communication; Austin Cox, of Van Meter, bachelor degree in landscape architecture; Kaitlyn Burke, of Waukee, doctor of philosophy in psychology; and  Joshua Groves, of Woodward, bachelor's degree in criminal justice and sociology.

Ellise Mueller of Adel was one of 88 University of Iowa Doctor of Pharmacy students who recited the Oath of the Pharmacist and were officially welcomed into the profession and college during the College of Pharmacy's annual White Coat Ceremony. 

Abagail McKernan, of Granger; Meghal Patel, of Perry; Connor Littlefield of Waukee; and Aravinthasamy Sivamurugan, of Waukee, were more than 140 first-year University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine students who participated in the 27th annual Arnold P. Gold Foundation White Coat Ceremony.

The 2021 Hawkeye Marching Band has 272 members. Area students in the band include alto saxophonist Eva Fisk of Earlham; clarinetist Jackie Johnston, trombone player Landon McPike and trumpet player Jada Spooner of Waukee; and mellophone player Emma Brown of Urbandale.