Raccoon Valley Bank holds ribbon cutting ceremony to show off remodel at Adel branch

Allison Ullmann
Dallas County News
The ribbon is cut on Thursday, Sept. 16 at Raccoon Valley Bank in Adel. An open house was also held to show off the bank's recent interior remodel and landscaping updates.

Community members got a look inside Raccoon Valley Bank’s recently renovated Adel branch during an open house on Sept. 16.

The Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce helped cut the ribbon before the open house and food truck festival. 

Thomas Book, vice president and market manager at Adel, said the branch wrapped up renovations to both the interior and exterior landscaping in August.

The landscaping, which started last fall in phases, was completed before the Sweet Corn Festival.

A view of the updated landscaping outside of the Raccoon Valley Bank branch in Adel.

“It all has an Iowa agrarian landscape theme to it. So you’ll see the granite rocks, the crushed rock is gray and it’s supposed to mimic a river flowing through the area. The boulders and the mulch are the hillsides that transition into the grasslands,” Book said. “And the colored concrete blocks and the rows of vegetation near the blocks are planted in rows similar to a farm field so it’s supposed to mimic, if you were flying over Iowa, the aerial view of what it might look like.”

The interior renovations started in November of 2020 and were also done in phases as Book said the bank stayed open throughout the construction process. The renovations were largely completed by Aug. 1. The Adel building, built in the late 1970s, was last updated in 1996.

“There’s been a lot of changes in banking technology that have allowed us to reinvent and utilize some of the space to make it comfortable for customers and for our employees there,” Book said.

The updated teller line at the Raccoon Valley Bank branch in Adel.

An updated teller line was pulled out into the lobby. The lobby area was also opened up, with added amenities for customers. On the employee side, the break room and conference room were updated. 

Book was happy to see the renovations completed, both inside and outside, as were the bank’s customers. He added that Raccoon Valley Bank Community House is currently closed and they are looking at doing some possible renovations.

“We’re proud to be part of the community and thankful to be part of a great community and hopefully they can enjoy some of the amenities we have here,” Book said of the remodeled branch in Adel.

Updates were made the lobby during a recent renovation of the Raccoon Valley bank branch in Adel.
The remodeled interior of the Raccoon Valley Bank branch in Adel.