Remembering Boston

Allison McNeal
Remembering Boston

April 15 was supposed to be a day of remembrance for the Newtown, Conn. victims but instead turned into a remembrance of its own after two explosions rocked the city of Boston.

Runners, experienced ones at that, sometimes wait years to run this amazing race due to its challenging qualifying time. Instead of celebrating their accomplishment, many mourned the three individuals killed and the dozens seriously injured in the explosions.

Although, I wasn’t directly affected by the explosion, I decided to reflect on that day and remember those who were touched by the tragedy by running in a solidarity run at Nollen Plaza in Des Moines.

Hundreds of runners were present Saturday morning, many showing up in Boston memorabilia. A moment of silence took place before waves of runners hit the pavement.

Runners of all kinds took part in the event, even some who were in Boston that day.

Seeing runners show a sense of camaraderie was a powerful image that day and made me realize that good does overpower evil. And those evil individuals do get caught and brought to justice.

Now each run I take part in, I will always remember that day and the lives that will be forever changed.