Tidbits from Mother Jones

Ann Welch
Tidbits from Mother Jones

“Hypermiler” Wayne Gerdes gets 59 MPG in an old Honda Civic by following these tips:

*Go easy on the brakes. Braking is inefficient because it kills the car’s momentum. Start and stop driving can increase fuel consumption by 37 percent. Coast to a stop and take alternative routes to avoid traffic. Time your driving to roll through green lights.

*Don’t speed. For every 5MPH you drive over 60, you lose about 7 percent fuel efficiency, due to wind resistance. Wind resistance is also why hypermilers roll up windows and remove the roof rack.

*Inflate your tires. Keep tires inflated to the maximum recommended pounds per square inch. For every few PSI your tires are below the manufacturer’s recommendation, you increase fuel use substantially.

*Don’t idle. It uses gas but gets you nowhere. Turn off your motor when stopped for trains, stoplights, or gridlocked traffic.

Think how many gallons of gas could be saved by following these tips. With the price of gas so high it would be worth going to the trouble to conserve gas any way possible.