Bits & Pieces: Handling global warming

Ann Welchann4plus1@yahoo.com
Bits & Pieces: Handling global warming

Having read Ray Harden’s excellent article on climate change in the Dallas County News recently I found myself thinking a lot about the subject again. There is a broad range of the American public denying the existence of climate change in spite of the scientific evidence supporting these changes. Rapidly melting glaciers, rising ocean temperatures, severe weather such as monster hurricanes and tornadoes, and increased wildfires are all linked to climate change.

The big question is why do people continue to ignore these indicators of changes in world-wide climate? Here are two reason for this attitude:

1) People tend to believe what they wish and often no amount of scientific proof will sway them.

2) Huge corporations such as coal and oil companies are driven by their profit motives and will discount scientific evidence that global warming is fueled by human activities which result in increased temperatures on the earth’s surface. What can we do to help this huge problem? I believe we have the capability to stop global warming from worsening. If we as a nation have the ability to build and successfully operate something as complex as the recently retired space shuttles, we can certainly figure out how to handle global warming. The space shuttles were the most complex projects ever built. Eliminating fossil fuel use and changing to wind and solar energy would seem to be far less complex than building these wonderful space vehicles.

So why aren’t we exerting the necessary will as a country to make changes in destructive climate alterations? It’s not that we can’t do it. Our society has a record of pulling together to accomplish great goals. Halting the negative changes of climate change is one of the greatest threats we have yet faced. If we can agree on the seriousness of this issue and stop allowing profit motive to rule we will be able to make great advances toward saving our earth as we know it.