Letter to the Editor: Aay-delle or Uh-dell?

Staff Writer
Dallas County News

To the Editor:

In the 35 years I lived in Des Moines, I would travel to Adel occasionally, just to breathe deeply and restore my sense of proper Iowa life. The people were friendly, one could buy a great slab of lemon meringue pie, and the town square was utterly charming. Sigh. It fed my soul.

To my utter joy, I was able to move to rural Adel a few months ago. I am exploring new roads and frequenting new businesses. (Thank you to Dixie at Stephens Cleaners for understanding that this (former) city person does not carry a check. Problem solved!)

Though my experience as a new resident, I am getting to know the neighbors (fantastic) and the local restaurants. And, I’ve run into a conundrum.

What is the proper way to pronounce “Adel”?

I’ve heard it several ways:

‘Aay-delle’ … ‘Uh-dell’ … ‘…dell’ … ‘Ah-delle’ … or ‘A-dell’

Are we known as ‘Adellians’ or ‘Adelites’?

I’ve not yet met the mayor or city council members–maybe someone in city government might be able to help out?

As a new Adel citizen…I want to get it ‘right’.

Thank you for being so welcoming.

Dr. Patricia Tice