Trails of our Past by Dusty Williams

Staff Writer
Dallas County News

Expedition Grayson County

In 2016, or at least throughout a part of it, I intend to add a twist on the histories that I will be writing. Rather than just researching the events of times gone past, I plan to take it a step farther and do some field work. After research is conducted on specific topics, a group of individuals and myself will journey outdoors in search of any remains of the history being discussed.

With Expedition: Grayson County, we will not only document the histories that played such an important role in our county’s past, but will locate, document and record any evidence that is currently left as of today. This will include recording the GPS coordinates so that future generations will always be able to locate the same important artifacts in regards to our history. The articles and documentaries that will be published in my column will include our expeditions and any findings that we may find as well as the histories of the said places. The findings can encompass a wide array of things including; foundational stones, wood structural remnants, vanishing trails and roadways or any other evidence of the topic’s existence.

Some of the locations that are planned for documentation throughout 2016 include: The Warren Fort, Montague’s Grove, Sister Grove Farm, Spanish Treasure location, Old Sherman, Shawnee Town, Fort Johnson, Summit and many others. While it is our goal to locate these important historic sites, it is obviously unknown at the time if we will in fact be able to locate all of them. Due to lack of historical documentation and to the passing of time, there may be some instances in which our trail shall run cold.

No matter the outcome, we intend to document all of the findings and research we gather along the way and publish it for you as readers in an effort to document the local history of Grayson County. Even in instances in which we are unable to locate anything, our findings will be published so that future generations might pick up where we left off.