Letter to the Editor: A passionate teacher

Staff Writer
Dallas County News

I have encountered many excellent teachers at Woodward-Granger Schools. I would like to spotlight one, Diane Erickson, the Reading Title teacher at the elementary. Even though she is a veteran teacher, her passion to see every student succeed exudes from her. She has not lost her zeal in all her years teaching.

Every time I have walked down the hall with my child and we see Mrs. Erickson, her face lights up. You can see how much she cares for every student even after years of working.

She believes every child can succeed and she goes above and beyond to help make this happen, even if it makes her schedule even more busy. Her deep belief in my child had carried me through times when even I have struggled to believe my child could be successful.

Mrs. Erickson is one of the many hidden gems in this small community that should be recognized. Thank for all you do for our children.

Kaci Kennedy