Bits and Pieces - A Natural Dilemma

Ann Welch - ann4plus1@yahoo.com

I have a worrisome situation on my mind right now that I am going to have to deal with soon. Last night as I was looking out the window I saw two of what I would consider unwelcome visitors — badgers, apparently foraging for food a ways from my house. This happened about two years ago and I haven’t seen any since but I am sure they could have been here all along and I wouldn’t have seen them because my property is brushy and offers lots of cover for critters such as badgers.

When I first saw them the first time I called a pest control company who put out live traps for them, but the only thing caught was possums. I am a great lover of most animals, but I don’t want these guys here. I’ve done a little reading about badgers, which says they can be aggressive, ferocious weasels, which sounds pretty scary to me. I have two small dogs that think they are big, but I know if they had a head-on confrontation with badgers they would come out second best.

I seriously don’t want lethal traps used to catch the badgers, if they can even be caught, but I don’t know what to do. Ideally if they could be humanely trapped and relocated, that would be my preference.

I have a call in to the pest control people to see what they recommend, but I expect they will suggest I contact the Department of Natural Resources to see what they have to say. I feel so torn by this because it seems like so often humans put their wishes above what is best for wildlife,which is why there are so many conflicting issues today regarding how we care for species other than ourselves.

I will follow up on this situation in a later column.