Health and Wellness - School Physicals

Ann Cochran Dallas County Public Health

Don’t get caught behind the curve on scheduling back to school check-ups for school aged kids. Clinics fill up quickly in August and with the new Iowa law requiring all seventh and 12th graders to be vaccinated for meningitis, it may be challenging to get worked in for an appointment before school starts.

August is Immunization Awareness Month, which is a good time to phone your clinic and make sure every member of your family is up to date on all needed vaccines. Ask specifically about DTap, MMRV and HPV. Flu vaccines are usually not available and not recommended until later in the fall.

Another point to this discussion is the advice to check with your clinic. If you’ve never established what is called a medical home, now is the time. Medical home means a primary care clinic – where you go on a regular basis for checkups, when you’re sick, and where all of your medical records are kept. The doctors and nurses at your medical home will oversee all of your healthcare, and if you have any specialists, your medical home can act as the quarterback to coordinate your care by the specialists.

Schedule that appointment today.