Health and Wellness: Returning to school

Ann Cochran - Dallas County Public Health

Back to school planning for the 2020-21 school year is unique. There is much guidance from experts and memes from nearly everyone.

For accurate information regarding expectations for your family, go to the official website of your school district. Because the situation continues to change, visit that website often. In addition to the changes regarding COVID-19, some schools need to make adjustments due to damages from the storm on August 10.

One thing that’s the same for going back to school is the importance of all children staying up to date on immunizations and getting a flu shot. An outbreak of mumps or flu is the last thing our children need to experience this season. Please protect them by getting a flu shot yourself. The American Academy of Pediatrics website ( has important information for children prenatal through young adults, including guidance on returning to the classroom.

Remember that your own attitude and responses to situations will be the model your child follows. Help your child learn how to cope and build resilience when facing circumstances beyond their control. Although we can’t control the outside world, we can do our best to control our outlook and behavior.