Health and Wellness: Choosing a medical home

Ann Cochran - Dallas County Public Health

A “medical home” is the clinic you normally go to for check-ups, immunizations, and when you feel sick, or have a minor injury. It’s sometimes called your primary clinic, where your primary healthcare provider works. A medical home keeps records of your medical history, medications, and your insurance information. You are welcome to phone your medical home to ask questions, which sometimes avoids having to make a trip to the clinic.

What if you don’t currently have a medical home? What if you’ve been blessed with good health all your life, and don’t go to a doctor unless you have to get some kind of shot or exam? How do you choose which clinic to use as your go-to?

When choosing a medical home, go online or call around to find out about the clinic hours and services. You may want a clinic with an urgent care service that allows you to walk in without an appointment, or maybe you would like a clinic that has specialists such as a pediatrician.

If you want help choosing a medical home, call Dallas County Health Navigation at 515-993-3750.  A Health Navigator can help you search for and connect with a clinic.