Letter to the Editor: In support of Nick Miller for District 19

Bryce Smith
Fellow Dallas County Voter

Dear voters,

Early voting starts October 5th and your vote is your voice in our government at all levels!  Make sure to return your ballot as soon as possible after completing it and making sure to vote for Nick Miller!

Nick Miller is the right choice for the Iowa House of Representatives as the next State Representative for district 19. Nick Miller is a small business owner, a decent community oriented person and ready to work for everyone in Dallas County.

Nick Miller is a strong supporter of small businesses and will make sure all small businesses have the resources and tools to succeed coming out of COVID as well as making sure our state crafts a tax code that respects small businesses, their owners, and employees.

Nick Miller is the only candidate supporting stronger, safer, public schools all across Dallas County and Iowa. He comes from parents who are educators and he understands the need for adequate funding, proper oversight and safety for our students and educators no matter what. Nick Miller is the only candidate running for the Iowa House endorsed by ISEA, NEA and hundreds of administrators and educators across Iowa, he’s also proud to support IPERS and the need to protect it.

Nick Miller will fix our broken Medicaid privatization mess and make sure the most vulnerable citizens among us have the resources needed to succeed in life. He will fight for more mental health resources and protect pre-existing conditions for us all. He is dedicated to our law enforcement and always standing up for our front line employees, first responders and law enforcement and he will take these efforts to the State House.

Nick Miller is the right choice to go to our state Capitol and stand up for us! Vote for Nick Miller for state representative district 19.

- Fellow Dallas County Voter, Bryce Smith