Health and Wellness: Saving dollars on food

Ann Cochran - Dallas County Health Department
Special to Dallas County News and Perry Chief

Avoiding food waste is a best practice during times of soaring prices. There is a limit on being frugal. Be careful of keeping food so long that it spoils. Iowa State University Extension has lots of tips on this.

In times of inflation, weigh the benefits of cost and convenience. The larger the container of milk, the less expensive per serving. Buy the largest size you will use before it goes bad; and did you know milk freezes well? Pre-bagged salad mixes are more expensive and spoil faster than whole lettuce heads. Large bags of frozen vegetables are cheaper, and you can use the amount you need and reseal the bag. A box of crackers, a block of cheese and a whole sausage cost much less per serving than individual snack packages.

The USDA provides grocery shopping plans to maximize your money. These ideas include signing up for store discounts, watching for sales and using coupons. Make a list (paper or on your phone) to remember what you need for the meals and snacks you’re planning. Never grocery shop on an empty stomach, because everything looks delicious. It’s easier to avoid impulse buying if you’re not hungry.